Golf, Toads, and Birthdays!

Golf. toads, and birthdays!  Those are a few of the things my day consisted of yesterday, as we enjoyed another day of warmth and sunshine.  I started the day with 18 holes of golf, with my son Micah, at Green Meadows Golf Course.  He hasn’t played in two years, while I already have 7 games under my belt this year (six in Florida.)  I was going to teach this young pup a lesson or two, but instead relearned the  age old adage that youth, strength, and speed will beat old, week, and slow every time!  Our score was tied going into the 18th hole.  I duffed a shot, and he moved in for the kill!  I lost the round by a stroke.  Oh well it was good to spend time with my son, even if I was the one being taught a lesson (humility.)

Early in the afternoon my wife wanted the yard cleaned up, cars washed, and garaged cleaned.  While raking leaves around the front porch we awakened a toad, who hopped over to the driveway to avoid the intrusion of his winter home.  He made his way over to the water, from washing the cars, and seemed to be just “chill-in out” for awhile.  I think nature is cool no matter what the species, and you can always learn something if you have a mind to.

Yesterday also was my youngest daughters (Courtney’s) birthday.  We took her and her two daughters (Ava and Addisyn) out for dinner at Dolce-Vita’s Italian Restaurant.  Micah and his fiance Heather joined us, and after-wards we came home and watched the movie “Secretariat.”  I was pleasantly surprised by the film, and think it’s one of the best we’ve ever seen.  Great (true) story that will educate and entertain you concerning one of our nations sporting legends.  His handler called him “Big Red” but the world knew him as Secretariat.  We will continue Courtney’s birthday celebration Sunday, when all the family is present.

One Response to “Golf, Toads, and Birthdays!”

  1. Art says:

    It sounds like you’ve been having a great time with family, Mike. Great stuff!