Heron Creek Golf & Country Club-What Great Memories

IMG_8014My younger brother Brad just returned from another golfing vacation to Florida.  He went there after playing for three weeks in colorado! My he is loving his semi-retirement years.  I can’t wait for my hip to heal and I can get back in the “swing” of things. Five years ago I was in Florida with brother Randy, Brad, and family friend Norm Sauer. What great memories I have of the trip and playing on one of the most impressive and beautiful courses I have ever played!

That would be the “Heron Creek Golf and Country Club.”  It consist of three 18 hole courses called the “oaks,” “marsh,” and the “creek.”  It may well be the highest above sea level course in all of Florida.  Of course the hills were not “naturally” there, as they were actually at one time a land fill.  You would never know it now, as the flora and fauna along with the buildings and grounds are breathtaking.  It has a guarded gate, so your name better be on the guest list.

Once inside the gate we were able to find a parking spot, and were immediately greeted by an attendant and a starter.  We were given a quick over view of the grounds, and the started took our names and said he would call us at our start time.  We checked out the pro shop, lounge, and men’s locker room.  They had showers with towels, sun screen lotion, shaving kits, and water on ice, at your disposal.  Talk about feeling pampered.

At exactly 9:35 a.m. our names were called to “T” off.  Even with the course crawling with “well healed” members and guest we were spaced out perfectly with the group ahead of us and behind us.  What a well managed course.  The staff was not uppity or snobbish, but quite friendly and very helpful.  Our round of golf cost $78 “smackers,” but considering the sheer elegance and beauty of the course it was worth ever penny of it.

While playing we saw, and heard, many birds, and even snapped a picture of this big “gator!”  If your ever in the North Port Florida, and like to golf, give this challenging course a try.  Even if you don’t break 100 (I didn’t) it is worth it just to say “you did it!”  FORE!!

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