Monroe County Roads Are Shameful And Dangerous

It’s that time of year again when Monroe County and it’s township personnel fix our “sorry” roads!  They do this by applying “cold patch” to the gaping craters, and the broken and missing parts of each outside lane.  After applying this ingenious and resilient compound they let us taxpayers “tamp” it down with our vehicles.  Then when the stones chip our paint and the tar sticks to everything it gets “flung” onto, we can assume the responsibility for fixing, and cleaning our messy vehicles.  How sweet of a deal is that?

Monroe County is notorious for its bad roads, and lack of cooperation between townships when it comes to fixing said roads.  Rauch road is a prime example of “Roads Gone Wild!”  Erie, Lasalle, and Ida townships can’t seem to find some common ground when it comes to saving the lives of their townships taxpayers.  Anyone who knows about the dangers of traveling down Rauch road, will steer clear of this death trap, even if it means having to drive miles out of the way!

Sad thing is Rauch is not the exception in Monroe county.  It’s more the norm, and it ticks me off every time I think about our tax dollars and library fines going towards fixing, repairing, and replacing these bone jarring, frame bending, tire busting roads.

Just today I passed two Monroe County road crews busy repairing a few of our chuck holes.  I even got to help as I packed down the cold patch with the weight of my explorer.  North Custer (just before Plank) is a nightmare, and all the cold patch in the world ain’t going to help this section of road.  Never the less we have are trusty road crew throwing shovels of cold patch into car swallowing holes, knowing that there is “job security” in what their doing.  These so called patches won’t last very long, so they can come back and do it again soon.

Just last year we had a bridge repaired (didn’t see anything wrong with the old one) on Reinhardt Road.  Now mind you the repairs are less than a year old, yet a portion of the concrete blocks have already fallen off the bridge foundation, and there is a huge 8 foot by 8 foot section of “new” road that is already being patched.  Something is wrong with this picture.  I’m sure somebody was paid good taxpayer dollars to do this job, and do it right.  Who takes responsibility for this and the rest of Reinhardt Road that needs a total makeover.  Where the heck did President Obama’s road stimulus money go?

Even the roads that were fairly decent a few years ago are falling apart.  I was on several back county roads this morning and some like Stowell Road in Dundee are void of any pavement.  They are completely pothole ridden gravel avenues presently.  Others like North County Line Road, (Lenawee county)  Brewer, and Dennison road tested my springs and shocks.  Sections of Albain, and Dunbar roads are in a sorry state, and I was glad to pull in my nice, firm, smooth private driveway after my bone separating country drive.  I think I’ll stay home and play video games next time I get the urge to do some Monroe County cruising!!

One Response to “Monroe County Roads Are Shameful And Dangerous”

  1. Art says:

    I think this is a problem in every part of Michigan – and it’s made even more obvious the minute you cross the state line, and drive on roads, which are constructed and repaired properly.