Prisident Obama’s Latest Call for Gun Control

I don’t quite know how to react to President Obama’s latest comments concerning “gun control.”  He has been chiding US lawmakers to tackle the divisive issue, sighting the Tucson shooting that killed six people, and wounded US congresswomen Gabrielle Giffords.  President Obama is calling for “common sense” concerning gun control as a way to make our nation safer and stronger.

It would seem to me that there are some definite lapses in our state, and national background check systems.  After all how could a man rejected by the Army as unfit for service; a man branded by his college professors as unstable, a man bent on mayhem and violence, walk into a gun shop and purchase a gun?   Obama said that our background check system is “often incomplete and inadequate.  We must do better.”  I don’t agree with a whole lot this President says, but I’ll have to agree with him on that!  He went on to say that the states need to produce better data that it passes along to the federal government.

I’m not really reading  allot into the Presidents comments as a rallying point for the anti second amendment rights gang.  Actually I think it was a bit tame when you compare it to some of his rhetoric during his Presidential campaign.  I wouldn’t want to be mesmerized on this issue just from these few comments, and then get “hit” between the eyes, as I fall asleep thinking everything is alright in Washington.  So I for one will sit back and see where the President takes the dialogue from here.  Hopefully he may be moving a little to “center” as far as our Constitutional right to bear arms is concerned.  We shall see.


One Response to “Prisident Obama’s Latest Call for Gun Control”

  1. Phillip says:

    Just something to consider on this one.

    It took a mass shooting, the combined efforts of multiple law enforcement agencies, and weeks of research to turn up the crucial information on this one man’s background. There is no background check system in the world, or even in the imaginations of the world, that would have put all of this together in a way that could have prevented him from buying the guns he used in Tucson.

    There is no database that stores this kind of information, and most of it goes unrecorded because, in itself, it’s largely unremarkable. It’s not a crime to be rejected by the Army or to be criticised by your colleagues. It’s not even a crime to spout off on anti-government or anti-establishment points of view… in fact such spouting is specifically protected by the Constitution (within certain parameters).

    At any rate, I don’t usually get wrapped up in 2nd Amendment or Gun Control discussions, but I think it’s critical to note that enhanced background checks would have meant nothing in Tucson, or in the majority of other gun crimes. I’m not surprised but disappointed that so many politicians, and now the President, have jumped on this bandwagon, most knowing full well that it’s empty rhetoric. It looks good, but means nothing.