Florida Report

I am so glad I’m not in Michigan suffering through the rain and turbulent weather,  Much of the nations midsection has been blasted by wind, rain, and tornadoes.  Today and yesterday’s severe weather may go down in history as some of the worst our nation has ever experienced.

The only thing we’ve had to concern ourselves with , so far, is staying cool in 90 degree heat!  We set an all time high today with a record of 97 degrees.  Yesterday was Sea World day, but today we stayed close to the pool.  We used the giant water slide, played putt putt golf, and played in the water.  I don’t know if we had enough sun screen, as most of us look like cooked lobsters.  Thank God for air conditioning!  Florida is a great place to visit during the winter and early spring, but I wouldn’t want to live here.  The Florida heat of mid-summer would make me simmer!  But for now we are enjoying the sun, blue skies and cool waters of our  resort.  This reprieve from Michigan’s foul weather could be habit forming.

Only three more days, then it’s back home to Michigan.  Hope things dry out before we get there, so I can get a couple days of turkey hunting in.  Scott Smiley and I plan on hunting Monday and Tuesday in Hillsdale for our Tom’s.  So far it’s been a rough start for most turkey hunters, but were hoping to change all that with some much needed sun shine. Well I need to put some Aloe-Vera on my shoulders and nose-as I look like Rudolph.

One Response to “Florida Report”

  1. Art says:

    I think the turkeys are starting to come around here in our neck of the woods, Mike. You may be coming home at just the right time.