What Goes Up – Must Come Down

Finally I got around to taking down my four tree stands from last seasons deer hunt.  I’ve been kind of waiting for some help, but with Scott working on his new house and Tony working his new job helpers were few and far between.  So I asked my little grand-daughter Addy if she wanted to help grandpa on Thursday, and she said “why sure!”

At almost 65 years old I don’t climb, or hang onto tree limbs like I used to.  Addy’s job was to sit on the four wheeler, and holler if she saw any “lions, or tigers, or bears-oh my!”  She did a great job, but I honestly don’t know what we would of done had I had any sort of an accident.  Guess I didn’t think that one over very well-according to my wife.  Thank God things went off without a hitch.  Except for a few scratches, some sore and aching muscles, and a rip in my new Cabela’s knee highs, things went according to plan.

My 20 foot ladder stand was a pain getting down, and one of my hanging stands was a little tricky to unlatch.  My ground blind was ruined, but my chair and little buddy heater were ok.  When we were done I had four sets of stands, a ground blind, and a bunch of extra things to load up on the four wheeler for the ride home.  You can see from the picture that I had quite a load.

Everything must of pooped little Addy out, as she slept the whole way home.  She enjoyed riding the four wheeler, and I enjoyed her company.  Don’t know what I’ll be doing about a hunting spot next year, but this economy won’t let me lease my 100 acres in Hillsdale again.  We’ll just have to wait and see whether I’ll be putting stands up again in the fall, but my guess is I’ll be “hanging” and climbing again come September.


One Response to “What Goes Up – Must Come Down”

  1. Art says:

    That definitely sounds like a great day with the grand daughter. I guess the wife does have a good point, but at least you got her out there with you, and you had a great time together.