A Real Buck-Pole

This, my friends, is the reason Michigan deer hunters pay southern Mich. farmers big bucks for lease property.  Pictured is nine of the 10 bucks taken from a lease my brother Darryl and his boy Derek are in on.  You won’t see any spikes, or forkhorns, in this group.  From left to right are George Hoppert (8-pt) Rich Zebkoff (9-pt) Dan Grahms (6-pt) Rich Zebkoff (8-pt second buck) Joe Chleboski (8-pt) Darryl Ansel (8-pt) Derek Ansel (7-pt) Jason Hoppert (8-pt) Mike Russo (8-pt) and a tenth buck not pictured was taken by Jaime.  These were all shot the first couple days of season, and the stories about the “monsters” that got away are numerous.

Meanwhile guys like me are hunting the northern woodlots, and in my case, not seeing one darn buck!  It is definitely different hunting the south zone farmlands vs. the far north pines and maples.  That being said there is just something about the deer hunting mystique of the north woods that grabs my soul.  Sure I could probably have much more success hunting the croplands close to home, but the memories of past hunts (with my dad) are all “up north!”  Sitting all day on a well used runway, and just anticipating that big buck  strolling my way is far different than “popping” one at 150 yard, as it stands in a bean field.

Hey to each his own I guess.  No matter the buck pole is impressive, and year after year yields about the same results.  No winter die off in farm country.  The deer grow big and fat down here, and as I stated in my last blog, the horns of a corn feed southern buck are much bigger than their smaller northern cousins.  Personally I think there is even less of a “wild game” taste to farmland venison, which is no doubt a plus for the freezer.  None the less you’ll find me hiding in the northwoods pines come muzzle-loader season hoping one just happens to pick the wrong (right) runway.


2 Responses to “A Real Buck-Pole”

  1. suzee says:

    You describe the lure of north woods hunting so well! We’ve never hunted whitetail in the bottom land near agriculture, but can sure relate to hunting whitetail in the deep woods! Mystique is a perfect word to describe it… they seem to materialize out of thin air… and can disappear just as quickly! Sometimes it leaves you wondering if you really saw a deer or if you were dreaming!… Wish you the best in your muzzleloader hunt!

  2. Michael says:

    That is handsome buck, and a great hunt! Congrats to you and your friends! I should be so fortunate!