Do Deer Decoys Really Work?

That’s me in my pole barn/work shop behind my cabin standing behind Matilda, my doe decoy.  This year I decided to give her a try again, but not because she’s worked in the past!

You see I’ve tried using Matilda on numerous occasions, and at various times during the deer season, to no avail.  I don’t know if I’m using her improperly, or if decoys are just another way to get sportsman’s money?  For me it’s really been an exercise in futility.  I even added a real doe’s tail to my decoy, and put doe pee on it when the rut is in full swing.  All that seems to do is make the deer in the area “spooky” and extremely nervous.

Case in point.  I used Matilda this year in early December, when the rut was in full swing.  The first night out I set her about 10 yards in front of my blind, but off to the left of my shooting lane.  She was about 30 yards from the food plot.  A small buck and a doe started making their way into the food plot, but stopped in their tracks when they saw the decoy.  They became extremely nervous, and skirted the food plot, moving away from Matilda, circling to my right.  They never were at ease and just melted into thicker cover, not working the food plot at all.  The next evening two yearlings did the same thing, but where able to sneak a few bites from the food plot, before exiting stage right again!  Just before dark a large doe came to about 50 yards and stomped her feet a few times, then “blew” and ran away.

I decided to put Matilda back in the pole barn where she wouldn’t ruin my evening hunts.  I’ve seen the video’s and read the stories about hunters having success in using decoys, but not this old buzzard!  Maybe I just haven’t found a nice friendly deer that’s lonesome for some fellowship, but whatever the reason Matilda is staying “in the house” from now on!


2 Responses to “Do Deer Decoys Really Work?”

  1. Arthur says:

    I’ve used one with moderate success – I had a real small buck come into the setup multiple times in the same evening. Other than that, Mike, I haven’t had much success with them either.

  2. Michael says:

    Thank you so much for the link. I really appreciate the thought! You have a great hunting season.