Eat My Dust!

This is a picture of the “dirt bike duo” after their return from trail number nine.  This O.R.V. trail goes right by my cabin, and you can go for many miles in all directions through the Huron National Forest.  Son-in-law Mark is an experienced rider, and grandson Quinn has been on 4-wheelers and motorcycles since he was 6 years old.  If you click on the picture, and enlarge it, you’ll see who was eating who’s dust!  Quinn looks like he has a good goatee started, but its just dust from the trail.  They could use some rain in Northern Michigan, just like the rest of the state.

About two miles from the cabin there’s a big sand hill that the guys (and gals) like to play on.  It’s one of the only hills left in the area that hasn’t been “blocked” off by the D.N.R.  Every 4-wheeler, motorcycle, a.t.v. or other motorized vehicle has to have a state o.r.v. sticker to legally ride the trails.  It’s a little disappointing that “the hills” keep getting shut down, but o.r.v. stickers keep going up!

The forth of July weekend promises to be a fun one at camp, with many from my family planning on doing some riding and rafting.  I’m starting to acquire some float tubes and we now have five 4-wheelers and two dirt bikes in the family.  I just hope we don’t chase all the deer to the other side of the state, with all the commotion we’ll be making.  Hey hopefully it will be nothing but the sounds of laughter, and good family times together as we enjoy our Michigan summer.



One Response to “Eat My Dust!”

  1. In place of dirt bike I like ATV’s.