Fun Hunting Tips by Makaylee Smiley

Boy here’s a story that will warm the heart of any hunter.  Pictured is my nephew (Scott Smiley) with his daughter Makaylee, who happens to be my great-niece.  She hunted my ground blind last year, and took this fat deer with her brand new 243!  I already wrote a blog about her hunt, but what I didn’t know, is that she wrote a book, about her hunt, for a “young authors” assignment.

On the inside cover she dedicated the book to her dad and me, which made me quite proud.  The title of her story is “Fun Hunting Tips.”  The first part of the book tells about her first hunt, and shooting her first deer.  Makaylee said ” I was so excited to shoot my first deer.  Once you shoot your first deer, you feel like you have to do it again and again!”  Wow!  I felt the same way50 years ago when I shot my first deer.  The more things change the more they stay the same.  She then talked about equipment and safety (very important stuff.)  She explained the difference between bucks, does, and fawns, and has her sights set on a “really” big buck this year with big “antlers.”

Mac I’m afraid you are a confirmed deer hunter.  Not even eleven years old and your looking to put a big one on the wall.  Your a “hoot” girl!  She even explained the various kinds of blinds deer hunters use, and proper shot placement (right behind the front shoulder.)  Tracking she handled like a pro.  In conclusion Mac stated that “hunting takes alot of patience, and lots of preparation.  This little huntress hit a home run with her very well written book about deer hunting.  It does an old hunters heart good to know there are some young hunters out there, who have a fire and compassion toward “the hunt!”  Not only that, but what better way to recruit new hunters into the fold than by the wonderful testimony from their own mouths.  Thanks Mac for a classic about deer and deer hunting.  Your the best!



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  1. Pin Oak Hill says:

    Valuable information. I’m sure everyone’s excited for hunting season! Look forward to seeing more posts from you, thanks!