Ken’s Big Bird!

The grin on Ken Currie’s face is almost as wide as the turkeys tail fan!  Hey you would be all smiles too if you put a Tom on the ground the size of this one.

Ken owns a place not far from mine in Luzerne.  He shot this gobbler in Hillsdale though, as his buddy Dave Marcum made him an offer he couldn’t refuse.  Dave was seeing this huge Tom while scouting his 40 acres, and had him pretty well patterned, so he could become a Thanksgiving dinner!  Dave certainly could of taken this bird himself, but he’s at the stage of his hunting career, where he gets more enjoyment out of seeing others be successful in the field.  It doesn’t hurt that Dave is an excellent turkey caller either, but this morning Ken was on his own.

Dave placed Ken on his property then headed to another farm for his own hunt.  Ken’s decoy was set, and the night before had watched a you-tube video about calling turkeys.  He started calling early and had some gobblers respond from a wood line about 300 yards away.  Things got quiet in a hurry, and Ken was wondering if it was going to happen today.  Two hens appeared about 100 yards away, but were not interested in Kens calling.  Before he could get to disappointed a huge Tom came on a dead run toward Ken’s set-up.  He hardly had time to pull up his shotgun, draw a bead, and drop this record book Tom.  Ken’s first turkey had an 11-1/4 inch beard, 1-1/4 inch hooked spurs, and weighed over 22 pounds!  Ken said he had the same “rush” that he gets when drawing down on a big buck.  Ken you will be an avid turkey hunter for the rest of your life.  By the way Dave Marcum had told Ken to watch for this bird around 7:00 a.m. and that’s exactly the time Ken dropped him!

Dave that was a commendable thing for you to do, but you and your dad were well taken care of a few days later.  See my recent post on the Marcum, father and son teams, turkey success.  Congratulations to you Ken on an outstanding representative of Michigan’s Eastern Wild Turkey.  Your bird is the biggest one reported to me this year out of around 25 gobblers.  Looks like  this year-You are “The Man!”


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