Michigan’s Gray Treefrog

This is a Gray Treefrog that I found near my cabin woodpile.  There are two species found in Michigan which are the Eastern and the Cope’s.  They are very similar in appearance and habits, so I’m not sure which one this is.

These frogs have large sticky toe pads and can climb just about anything, including your arm!  I found that out first hand, right after he peed on me.  Hey I invaded his space, so I asked for it.

The frog can change to gray, green, or brown according to the environment or activity.  There is a little swatch of yellow on the white underside.  No frog leg dinners from this little guy, as they only grow to about 2 inches in length.

We have a couple around our house in Monroe, so I already knew about the sound they make.  Almost sounds like a bird when they sing their short musical “trill.”  During breeding season, and on warm summer nights you can hear them serenade their prospective mate.  The sound is quite different from that of a bullfrogs croak!

These frogs actually make pretty good pets, but they need alot of space, humidity, and things to climb, not to mention a little water.  As is usually the case though, it’s best to leave nature right where you find it.  Mosquitoes are on  this frogs menu, so its always nice to have them around singing to you an evening song, as they eat their dinner.

Some may live their whole life in Michigan and never come across these shy little creatures of the woodlands.  If you do I’m sure you’ll enjoy the encounter, and you may even get a big “trill” out of it!


One Response to “Michigan’s Gray Treefrog”

  1. Sherry says:

    Hi, Mike, I’m looking for a cope’s gray tree frog for my biology unit in 5th grade. I plan on releasing it when we’re done. Where can I find them?