My New Amish Build Bunk House

This is LaVerne and Mike delivering my new Amish made bunkhouse from North Star Storage Barns in Mio.  It was quite an operation as they had to haul this 12 x 26 foot structure about 250 foot down a winding drive.  I had to take three more trees down in order to clear one corner, but once set in place, it was solid as a rock, and level to boot.  The excavator did a good job of getting the sight prepared, and you can see my new fire-pit is up an burning also.  I put a 12 x 6 foot deck on the front, so you can sit on the screened in porch, or swat mosquitoes on the outside deck!

I also rototilled another food plot and planted it.  Did some more work on the existing plot, and cemented in my front gate post.  I also stained the new deck, and dug a small trench.  I did find time to take one ride on my four wheeler, and finally found the “big” sand hill everyone has told me about.  Saw a family of porcupines, and quite a few deer tracks, but still hardly any turkey evidence.  Every muscle in this old body was mad at me, but sometimes you just have to “suck it up” and do it.  Three days of “bustin” butt, and the work has just begun.  That’s ok though, as it’s a different story when it’s your own self your working for.


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