42 Blessed Years

As most all my readers know I am, and have been since I was a “wee lad,” a hunter.  I started bow hunting when I was 16 years old, and have never missed a season, except for the two years I served our country during the Viet Nam conflict.

Today is October second!  It’s actually the second day of our Michigan bow season which has always opened on October 1st.  This might surprise you, but I have only deer hunted October second one time over the last 42 years!

Now for the reason why?  You see I was 24 years old when I got married, and I had a great idea for my wedding.  I basically talked my wife into an October 2nd. date, so I could sneak  a little small game and deer hunting in as we honeymooned at my families cabin in Lewiston.  I thought she might even like tromping hill and dale in pursuit of some dangerous critters!  By golly I was somewhat right, as my 19 year old bride did enjoy catching her first fish. (Now that’s another story)  She even trudged through a swamp as I dropped two partridge for our honeymoon dinner.  Now how romantic is that?  After all I was going to cook the” fins and feathers” myself.  I was all excited about showing her what a great “provider” she married.  Well she may have been enamored back in 1970, but it was all wore off by 1971!

To make a long story short-I wasn’t as smart as I thought I was!  Having your anniversary fall on October 2nd. is not a good game plan guys.  Nineteen seventy (1970) was the only year in these past 42 that I was ever up north for bow-season.  I may have done some whining about it in the past, but I’ve come to realize my “DEAR” is more important than any “deer!”

The first picture was actually taken on our honeymoon, as Lorna holds our dinner.  The second was taken 42 years later.  Don’t know about you, but I can’t tell much difference in those photos.  She looks great, runs 2-1/2 miles every morning, loves Jesus, and is the best wife, mother, grandmother, and friend in the world.  She outsmarted me then and is still doing it today.

Thanks for all the great memories Lorna.  Happy 42nd. anniversary.  I love you.  Now can I go up North?  (Just kidding)


2 Responses to “42 Blessed Years”

  1. Thats awesome Mike. We are both fortunate having wives that have loved us inspite of us at times. I wish I could have been around 42 years ago, I could have warned you your thinking on this 10/2 wedding is a little skewed. But it does sound like you guys have made it work, thats whats important. Best to you both and many more anniversarys!!

  2. Arthur says:


    Congrats on 42 years!! That is incredible, especially in the world we live in now. My wife and I just hit the 7 year mark on October 8th!!

    We always wanted a fall wedding, so getting married in October was fine by me. And she’s very understanding, so we always go to dinner after I get in from hunting; it works out perfect.

    Little did I know, though, that both of our kids would arrive in October as well!

    Congrats again to you and your wife, and here’s to many more to come!