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Chief 10 Bears Rides Again!

Saturday, November 24th, 2012

Well it’s that time of year again where old “Chief 10 Bears” does his thing.  Every year for the past 5 years I have put on a presentation at Ms. Mary Beaudry’s preschool.  The kids are usually studying about Thanksgiving, so I bring in my Native American perspective on the holidays.

My great grandmother (Elizabeth Montgomrie) was a full blooded Norther Cree from Saskatchewan Canada. I suppose that’s why I have such an interest in the Cree culture.  I do a lot of “show and tell” with the kids, as I bring many of my hand made artifacts with me.  I make bear claw necklaces, tomahawks, arrow quivers, arrows, dance sticks, feather dance fans, spears, peace pipes, rattles,and walking sticks to name a few.  I also bring an array of tanned hides that usually grab the kids attention.

I would have to say that my skunk hide is one of the favorites.  That’s the only hide that every kid (everywhere) knows exactly what it is!  I also have a huge Canadian wolf hide which draws a lot of oohs and aahs from the young ones.  Mink, beaver, fox, rabbit, deer, and elk hides always interest the kids.  I also have a winter hat made from a coyote pelt that they all like to wear.  Each kid in the picture is holding something  that I brought with me.

My grand-daughters Ava (Princess Running Deer) and Addy (Princess Cactus Flower) were my able assistance.  Both of them attended Ms. Mary school when they were younger.  Ms. Mary’s husband Mr. Tom gave me a very old arrow head and a exquisite spear head.  Tom has probably the biggest Native American collection in this area.  Thanks Tom, now I have something else for “show and tell!”


Thanksgiving 2012

Thursday, November 22nd, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving especially to those of you who read this blog.  We truly have so many blessings to be thankful for in this country.  My wife and I (plus many dear friends) are preparing a Christmas box for an orphanage in India.  There are 48 children at the home plus several widows, along with the directors four children.  They recently lived through a cyclone, although their roof was blown off, and much of their cloths and bedding were lost.  These people have so little, and yet are so appreciative and thankful for even the simplest of things.  Sometimes I wonder if we’ve lost the ability to do the same!  I don’t think those little Indian orphans could comprehend the “feast” we Americans partake of on this day of giving thanks.

The picture is of my Spring turkey, just after I pulled it out of the oven.  It’s just the breast meat and thighs, so it didn’t take very long in the roasting pan, before it started smelling scrumptious.   My daughter always fixes the traditional 20 pound store bought organic turkey, but this is a great chance to sneak in a “plug” for wild game.  If the kids and grandkids will just sample some of natures bounty I will have accomplished my goal.  It is always fun to introduce the uninitiated to the cuisine of wild game.

I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to dive into this great looking wild bird.  If it taste as good as it looks there probably will be no leftovers for tomorrow.  Blessings to all.  Be safe on your drive home.



A Bird In The Hand Who Should Of Flown Over The Bush!

Monday, November 19th, 2012

I am holding a very much alive partridge that I caught with my bare hands!  I’m willing to bet there’s not another person out there that has done the same.

As my son-in-law Glen, grandson Kyle, and myself were driving back from Mio a few days ago, I spotted a partridge along the road.  I told Glen to slow down so he wouldn’t hit the bird if it flew in front of the expedition.  We drove right up along side the bird and it didn’t budge.  Glen got out of the car to see if it was injured, and it then ran under the suv.  I stepped out the other door, and we kept chasing it back and forth between us.  At one point it walked straight up my arm to my shoulder, but I missed when I attempted to grab it.  After a few more tries I caught the speedy little bird, and got back in the car.  As I held it I checked for injuries, but could find nothing wrong with him.  I figured if he couldn’t fly the coyotes or foxes had an easy meal, and why shouldn’t we enjoy a nice tasty partridge if in fact he was injured.

We took him back to camp and released him on the screened in front porch.  He ran and hid under a chair.  We went about our business but short time later Glen stepped on the porch and the bird flew into the screen.  I said “well that settles that, he can fly!”  Glen said “You mean we aren’t going to eat him?”  I said “I can’t kill him now that we have a “relationship” with one another!”  I took him outside and threw him in the air (big mistake!)  He promptly did a belly smacker on my front lawn, and ran for the corner of my front steps.  I told Kyle to chase him to see if he would take off, and all he did was run under my side porch.  We let him alone and 15 minutes later Glen approached the side porch, and the partridge flushed, scaring the heck out of Glen!  He bobbed and weaved through the trees just like a partridge is supposed to.

We were happy for our little encounter with this bewildered bird, but just as happy to see him fly away.


Deer Report 2012

Sunday, November 18th, 2012

Just got back from a week at the cabin.  My grandson Kyle and his dad Glen were able to come for the weekend, as Kyle has a Youth Mentor license.  Papa was trying to get him set up on a deer but things didn’t work out as planned.  Three days of hunting and we never saw a deer.

Kyle left for home Monday evening, after the hunt, and wouldn’t you know it I saw three deer Tuesday morning that were within Kyle’s shooting range!  Actually I saw deer every day I went out, that is until gun season opened.

I only hunted Thuirsday and Friday but just saw one doe Thursday morning.  I have a couple doe permits, but will not use them while the rut is on.  There were a couple different bucks on my trail cam tending a scrape by my blind, but those “buggers” are nocturnal.  I could not entice them to show themselves during daylight hours.  I did see three different spikehorns during the bow hunt, but there is a 3 point minimum (one side) in my area.  I wouldn’t shoot them anyway.  Like the saying goes “Let em go-let em grow!”  Ah well Michigan has a long season, and it ain’t over till the “Fat Lady sings.”  I’ll be hunting some around here over Thanksgiving.

I’ve had  good reports from several nephews, which I will blog about as soon as I get some pictures.  Also my brother Darryl shot a great Southern Michigan buck (11 pointer) but a freak accident happened before he could retrieve it.  I’ll tell you more later.


Finally Time to Head North!

Saturday, November 10th, 2012

This will be my last post for about a week.  I’m headed up to camp (finally) to see if I can put some meat in the winter freezer.

The picture is of my dad Norm, and a 6 point he shot back in the 1970’s.  I remember the great running shot he made on this deer.  My dad was an excellent marksman.  He grew up on a farm and shooting rabbits and squirrels was a necessity in order to put food on the table.

I’ll be hoping that I get a chance for that big buck I’ve been seeing on my trail cam.  He may already be in someones freezer, but maybe not.  He didn’t get big from being stupid.

Son-in-law Glen and grandson Kyle are coming up this evening, and there’s still a chance Kyle can shoot his first deer.  He’s really excited about hunting with Papa.  I’ll be posting pictures in a week whether were successful or not.  Good and safe hunting to all.  Remember never point the muzzle of a gun at anything other than your intended target, and treat all weapons as if they were loaded!


No Hunting!

Thursday, November 8th, 2012

Well I would of never believed it, but those darn deer know how to read.  My cabin is on a road surrounded by federal Forest, and there are only a few pieces of property with “No Hunting” signs.  The funny thing is I’ve seen more deer on these properties than anywhere else in the area.  Honestly you would think these deer can read.

One more week before the gun hunters hit the woods.  So far I can’t seem to talk anyone into hunting my place with me.  Hope it wasn’t something I said.  I don’t like hunting alone, as the fellowship and interaction with other hunters is half the fun of the north woods experience.

Hopefully I’ll be able to get a few days of bowhunting in before I break out the rifle.  At this time last year we had 4 deer in the freezer already.  This year we have not taken a single deer.  Late season should be great!   I hope I hope!




Sunday, November 4th, 2012

In my 52 years of hunting I have never had such a frustrating start to deer season.  The rut is in full swing.  I have this great 10 pointer cruising my property on a regular basis, and I have been “grounded” for the past 3 weeks, with no let up in sight!

It all started with some allergies and a minor cold that I just couldn’t seem to shake.  The last few weeks I’ve felt lethargic with an irritated cough that was hurting my lungs.  I finally broke down and saw a Dr. who diagnosed me with “walking pneumonia.”    I took the last of my antibiotics yesterday, but I still don’t feel like running a marathon anytime soon.

So that leaves me sitting here in my rocking chair watching the hunting channel and blowing my nose!  Meanwhile family and friends are reporting good success as the rut heats up.  Just in the last couple days four reports of downed bucks have been reported.  My brother-in-law Pat Boylan said he saw the biggest buck of his life while hunting around Manistee.  He couldn’t count the points of this “doe chasing” monster, as it ran past his blind.  His buddy (Jim Chapman) arrowed a nice 6 pointer in the same vicinity.  Neighbor Tom Beaudry shot an 8 point behind his house, and nephew Brandon Ansel downed a nice buck around Jackson.  I am happy for their success, but being “grounded” is killing me!

I may have to disobey my wife, and head up North, just to keep my sanity.  I hope no one has “cashed in” on that 10 pointer yet.  The second picture (above) shows him hitting a licking branch located about 40 yards from my ground blind.  I really need to be there to greet him during his travels!



A Little Rain – But it Could be so Much Worse!

Thursday, November 1st, 2012

What a miserable night for the kids to be out trick or treating!  Ah, but then I think of the millions effected by hurricane Sandy, and I realize it’s “NOT” such a bad evening after all.  What an absolute disaster for so many millions of people.  Seems like it will take a long, long time to recover from this calamity.  If ya have a few extra dollars send it to the Red Cross (or other organizations) to help in the relief efforts.  I’m sure it will be put to good use!

Four of the grand-kids braved the misty rain and cold temperatures to walk the neighborhood in search of goodies.  Several parents also escorted them around the block.  Jacob (werewolf,) Brady (Tony the Tiger,) Ava (roaring 20’s,) and Addy (Princess Belle,) were the only four grandkids at daughter Courtney’s house this year.  My wife handed out candy and Christian tracks to the kids that came to the door while I lounged on the couch nursing my (walking pneumonia.)  Haven’t been hunting in weeks!

Courtney had pizza and salad for us all, and her friend Sam brought down some fresh made sweets from the Middle Eastern bakery.  It was just nice being with family and good friends, as we all relaxed (especially Tony) afterwards.  Somehow Tony got a back/foot rub from his wife and sister in law.  I need to figure out how he does that!  Got to go take my medicine now.  Sure like to get better before deer season (the rut) is over.