Deer Report 2012

Just got back from a week at the cabin.  My grandson Kyle and his dad Glen were able to come for the weekend, as Kyle has a Youth Mentor license.  Papa was trying to get him set up on a deer but things didn’t work out as planned.  Three days of hunting and we never saw a deer.

Kyle left for home Monday evening, after the hunt, and wouldn’t you know it I saw three deer Tuesday morning that were within Kyle’s shooting range!  Actually I saw deer every day I went out, that is until gun season opened.

I only hunted Thuirsday and Friday but just saw one doe Thursday morning.  I have a couple doe permits, but will not use them while the rut is on.  There were a couple different bucks on my trail cam tending a scrape by my blind, but those “buggers” are nocturnal.  I could not entice them to show themselves during daylight hours.  I did see three different spikehorns during the bow hunt, but there is a 3 point minimum (one side) in my area.  I wouldn’t shoot them anyway.  Like the saying goes “Let em go-let em grow!”  Ah well Michigan has a long season, and it ain’t over till the “Fat Lady sings.”  I’ll be hunting some around here over Thanksgiving.

I’ve had  good reports from several nephews, which I will blog about as soon as I get some pictures.  Also my brother Darryl shot a great Southern Michigan buck (11 pointer) but a freak accident happened before he could retrieve it.  I’ll tell you more later.


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