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Assault Style Weapons and the “Right to Bear Arms.”

Saturday, December 29th, 2012

The Second Amendment guarantees the citizens of the United States the “Right to bear (own) arms.”  The big question right now is “does it also guarantee us the right to possess assault style weaponry along with clips/magazines that will hold multiple rounds.  Anyone of us can purchase 30-100 round magazines for an assault style weapon.

I used to be a card-carrying member of the NRA, but have not paid my dues in a long time.  The recent deadly massacre of innocence in Connecticut has put this issue on the front burner.  It has been discussed in the office, the plant, the street, and every community and school from California to Maine.  Everyone has an opinion, and quite frankly it is the opinion of the non-hunters and non-shooting sports enthusiast that will probably decide this issue.  Hunters and those into sports shooting are in the minority in this country.  It’s our relatives, friends, co-workers, and neighbors that stand behind our right to “bare arms” that has kept us from losing those rights.

In my opinion the NRA is making a mistake by digging their heals in when it comes to what amounts to a minor compromise!  Wayne LaPierre from the NRA will not give an inch on this issue, which may end up costing the “gun lobby” crucial supporters.  We could end up losing far more than assault style weapons and mega round magazines if we (our leadership) is not willing to consider the concerns of the populace.  Honestly I do understand the thinking behind the “don’t give an inch” stand of the NRA.  I don’t fully trust our government when it comes to my gun rights either, but sometimes you must cut your loses, in order to fight another day!

I have discussed this issue with many people, and frankly have not found a soul that supports the rigid stand of the NRA.  Three of my brothers are policemen, and they are in agreement that “Joe Citizen” does not need to have more “firepower” than they do.  Mega-clips/magazines are made for one purpose, as far as their concerned!  That is to inflict the highest number of casualties in the shortest amount of time possible.  As much as they all love to hunt and enjoy the shooting sports, they believe assault style weapons and mega ammo should be only in the hands of the military and police force.  My thinking is right there with them on this issue, and I’m hoping public opinion doesn’t turn on “us”to the point we lose more than we ever bargained for.

This may be a mote point, but I know hundreds of hunters/gun enthusiast, and not a one of them owns an assault style weapon for hunting!  For personal protection it’s a bit of an overkill I think.  If it gets to the point that the government wants all are guns-they will get them.  Remember they have tanks, mortars, missiles, bombs, planes, sophisticated weaponry, and an assortment of tactical arms that your puny AR is not going to stop them!  Let us hope it never comes to anything like that, but for now something has to be done to help stem the violence in our society!  I have some other thoughts on this issue which I will share at a later date.


“Oh Come Let Us “Truly” Adore Him”

Monday, December 24th, 2012

Christmas means many different things to many people.  I think that the majority of those that celebrate, this end of the year holiday, don’t possess “The truth-the whole truth-and nothing but the truth!”  Most have an element of the truth, and some could care less about the real truth!  As a matter of fact, according to Holy Scripture Jesus says in John 14:6  “I am the way, the truth, and the life, and no man comes to the Father except through me.”

I am also of the persuasion that fewer and fewer followers of Christ (Christians) celebrate the true awesomeness of Christ miraculous birth.  Seems that the secular, material driven concept, of a plastic “light up” Jesus is about all the “truth” many can handle.

The Quasi Jesus has partnered with Santa Clause, Charlie Brown, Rudolph, the 12 days of Christmas, and thousands of other commercially motivated “partners” for one purpose only!  That purpose is to bring all merchants  profit margin (bottom line) into the “black” and to make sure everyone gets the Christmas gift they “deserve or desire!”  Now that is cause for celebration!  It’s just not the celebration that is in line with the truth and reality of the Incarnation (Christ with us!)

The simple truth is God came down from Heaven to earth, so that we could go from earth to Heaven!  Simple and yet profound.  I cannot fantom a love so intense and overwhelming that the Creator of “all” things would leave the glories of heaven and become a “babe” born in a stable.  Gaze upon the picture.  Can anyone truly comprehend the motive behind such an act?  There is only one thing; that being a sacrificial LOVE for you and me!

Jesus was, and is, Gods answer to man’s weakness and evil desires.  What a price He paid to ransom us from the evil one, and adopt us into His family (kingdom.)  When we (I) accept his atonement for our (my) sins and ask forgiveness He becomes our Warrior, Savior, King!  Now that’s something to celebrate about.  When the love, hope, and peace of Christ dwell in your heart, the gates of hell cannot prevail against it!  Jesus is the light that pierces the darkness.  He offers strength beyond ourselves, and gives us the grace and ability to share that joy, hope, and peace with others.

I think of those families in Newton Connecticut that need such peace in order to cope with the most challenging evil imaginable!  I pray that the real “Christmas” and the rest of Jesus story can become their story, as well as ours.  Jesus took the destitute, the broken, the sick and hurting, and gave them all hope.  He transformed and delivered them with His message and His mission.

Just as the shepherds and wise men followed the light of the Star of Bethlehem we must choose to follow the true light of the world; Jesus.  May each who read this come to know and except the only true reason to celebrate Christmas.  Emanuel Christ with us!

Have a Blessed Christmas


“It Ain’t Over Till It’s Over”

Sunday, December 23rd, 2012

Talk about going right down to the wire!  This has been one deer season that I would of never anticipated.  I had such high hopes for the area around my cabin in Luzerne.  At least four different shooter bucks were caught on trail cam, and there seemed to be plenty of does, to fill the freezer, just in case the bucks disappeared.  Well I hunted more days than I normally do, and only had one chance at “any” deer!  That was the second day of muzzle-loader, and wouldn’t you know it I had a miss-fire!  When I tried to fix the gun I broke the nipple holding the cap, and that was the end of my muzzleloading season.  I had to revert back to my crossbow.

I even bought my 7-year-old grandson a “youth mentor” license thinking it would be a “walk in the park” to at least get him a “shot!”  Took him out six times and we never had an opportunity to draw down on anything.  It was quite discouraging as well as frustrating, as the deer were there.  They were just moving late evening right at dark.  The bucks didn’t move till after 11 p.m.

Things all changed for me when I got a chance to hunt a small track of land about 25 minutes from my house in western Monroe County.  I have learned not to be very specific when it comes to some information made public.  I hunted Friday afternoon/evening and saw this buck and two other deer.  They were coming from their bedding area, and heading for a cut corn field.  A well used runway went straight through the woods I was hunting.  I was using a vacant tree stand that the previous hunter had left 4-5 years ago, and never returned for.  Even though it was muzzle-loader season I had a crossbow, due to my gun being broken.  Friday night the deer were moving at a good clip, and they were just a “tad” out of range anyway.  I was “pumped” and couldn’t wait to get back out in the morning.  I was told that the deer head back to the heavy cover after feeding all night, and that this stand was within 20 yards of one of the major runways they were using.

Early Saturday morning it was cold (26 degrees and windy.)  At 9:15 a.m. Three deer came trotting my way.  A doe followed by a small eight point, and this “bad boy!”  They were on the right path, but moving way to fast.  I had a gun rail to stabilize my crossbow, but just could not take that moving shot.  As the deer passed I almost panicked cause they were getting further away.  I tried to whistle, but only dry air escaped my lips.  The second try produced a “wimpy” half-hearted whistle, but it was enough to stop the big buck at 35 yards.  As he looked back to see what made the noise, I steadied the crosshairs a tad high and pulled the trigger.  “Whack!”  I immediately saw blood as he turned to follow his partners out of there.  The shot looked great and at forty yards he stopped behind a tree, as the others headed back the way they came.  His legs started to wobble and down he went.  From the time the arrow hit till he dropped dead took all of 15 seconds!  I don’t think I have ever had a deer expire that fast, in my life!

The entrance hole was enormous (rage 2-blade) and had went straight through the heart and lungs.  In my excitement I left the heart in the “gut” pile.  I wanted to take a picture to show the dead center hit this broad head made on the target.  I will be doing a blog on “Rage broad heads” in the future.  I had to get help dragging this bruiser out, and we estimated his live weight at around 215 pounds.  Biggest deer (weight wise) I ever shot.

Sixteen (16) days of hunting up north and It produces nothing!  Four (4) hours of hunting around here and I take a bragging size buck!  Go figure!  Like Yogi Berra said “It ain’t over till it’s over!”  That’s what keeps us coming back year after year.  You never know how the “story” will end until you get to the end of the story!  That’s my own little  euphuism.


Little Brother Does it Again

Wednesday, December 19th, 2012

My little brother Darryl had another great hunting year.  He took a nice Monroe County 8 pointer with his bow, and a huge 11 pointer with his shotgun.

He was hunting Branch County during gun season, and early on was passing on sixes and eight pointers.  His hunting area is know for big monster bucks.  The farmer who owns the lease Darryl hunts had just started to cut his corn, and that’s where the deer were hiding.

Darryl set up his stand on the edge of a corn field and it proved to be a good move.  He shot this big buck as it was leaving the woods to go into the corn.  Darryl knew he was hit hard but the deer made it into the cover of the corn being harvested.  Darryl got on his cell phone and asked the farmer to call his worker running the combine, and ask him to hold up for a minute while Darryl searched for his deer.  As Darryl approached the combine he heard a sickening noise.  Just as it came to a halt it ran over his deer breaking off both G-2’s.  It had a nontypical rack with a double main beam on the left side.  There were a couple kickers on the right, but the 8 inches of broken tines was rather heartbreaking.  Body wise the deer was enormous.  It wasn’t weighed but the estimated weight was well over 200 pounds.  Congratulations on another great year little brother.

I’m doing some research on the upcoming push to ban some weapons and gun accessories in light of the  Sandy Hook tragedy.   I will give a report shortly.


Sandy Hook School Tragedy

Sunday, December 16th, 2012

My heart is literally in agony over the senseless devastation that took place in Newton Connecticut.  Just last evening I arrived home from a 4 day hunting trip, so I was unaware of the Sandy Hook School rampage.  I have not been able to sleep.  I’ve cried and cried over these precious children being taken in such an evil manner.  There is a verse in a song about Jesus that says “Break my heart for what breaks yours.”  The shortest verse in the bible is “Jesus wept.”  Tears must be falling from the heavens even as Jesus wraps each one of these precious gifts in His loving arms.

There are no answers to “why.”  It doesn’t matter what the psychiatrist or psychologist come up with!  There is no explanation or reason for such brutality inflicted on  innocent  children, not to mention the adults trying to protect them.

My mind can’t, and doesn’t want to go fully to the terror those children went through.  It’s beyond imagination that a human being could perpetrate such demonic evil on another human being, let along young children!

I have 6 adult children myself along with 11 grandchildren.  Two little grand-daughters are 6 years old.  I can not even phantom what the parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters, and family and friends are going through in that little “shattered” community.  Never in your wildest dreams would you know sending your child off to school would be the last time you kissed them, touched them, smelled them, and loved on them.

I think of what has been stolen from all these families.  No more birthdays, no prom, school activities, graduation parties, weddings, college, grandchildren, and so much more.  The simple joy of raising  children has been turned to agonizing grief and unanswered questions.

I fear that there are other demented people out there just waiting for a chance to inflict pain and suffering on others.  Copy-cat crimes seem to creep around us like a “hissing rattle snake.”  Have we gone to far as a society with the violence we allow in our homes and so called entertainment industries?  R and X rated video games.  Killings, rapes, and violence in some music genres.  These can’t be healthy for young and impressionable minds.

You have to ask yourself the question “Could this of been prevented if armed security guards were posted in every school in the United States?”  Have we come to that?  It’s something to think about.  Some gun legislation will no doubt get enacted, but I honestly don’t see where that would change any evil heart bent on destroying themselves and others.

These are trying times for this country.  Christmas joy has been replaced by such grief and sadness.  Please pray for these dear parents and families that are living out this “hell on earth” that the rest of us just read about.  It could be any one of us, as pure evil is no respecter of persons.  May God somehow console these hurting and broken families and their community.


A Season of Giving

Monday, December 10th, 2012

Pictured are some of the “crew” that helped package gift boxes destined for an orphanage in India.  This particular home (Mother Angel Orphan and widows Home) is run by Pastor P. John Victor and his wife Hepshiba.  They take care of 48 orphans and several widows, besides caring for their own 4 children.

I met Hepshiba through a mutual friend on Facebook, and the idea to help them was partially cultivated by my two grand-daughters (Ava and Addisyn.)  They have become pen pals with two of the young girls at the orphanage ( Mammu and Asha.)  The call for help went out to family and friends, and within a short time “sponsors” were found for all 52 children.  We ended up loading 8 boxes with approximately 21 pounds of toys, games, toiletries, socks, clothing, hair care, books, pencils, crayons, and many more small surprises.  Actually we collected so many gifts for the kids that we had an abundance left over.  At this time of the year that is not a bad thing, as so many are in need of a blessing.

My daughter Alena and I made some phone calls for shipping prices, and were “blown away” by the cost!  The least expensive place was the United States Post Office.  I was quoted a price of between $1000.00  and 1200.00 dollars for 9 boxes at 24 pounds a box.  We saved money by eliminating one box and keeping the weight down, but we were still several hundred dollars short for shipping cost.  Several friends and family members stepped up to the plate, and when the final tally was counted we had almost $300.00 dollars left over.  The total shipping cost were whittled down to $850.00 dollars.  I know that seems like a ton of money (and it is) but just knowing the joy that each child will have makes it worth every penny.  This may be the only Christmas any of these children have had anyone care for them in a personal, loving, giving way.  I asked Hepshiba to take many pictures of the kids Christmas morning, so we can partake in their joy also!

We were able to make a sizeable donation to “Toys for Tots,” two little local girls whose dad is battling cancer, and pack another box of (birthday) supplies for the orphanage.  We also set aside three shoe boxes for Franklin Graham’s “Samaritans Purse” Christmas project.  The little group of people who responded with their hearts, time, and wallet are also the recipients of so many blessings.  We truly know that it is “More blessed to give than receive!”  At one time we were concerned about meeting the needs of these children, but were reminded that “Gods work done Gods way will never lack Gods supply!”  He is faithful.

A heartfelt thanks to all who are investing in the lives of these “little ones” and reaching out to them with a cup of cool water.  Surly you will not lose your reward.


Deer Season 2012

Sunday, December 9th, 2012

Deer season 2012 is winding down, and so far it’s a mixed bag, as far as the deer harvest goes.  The Department of Natural Resources wants all hunters to contact them whether they took a deer or not, so they can “tally” the seasons overall success. 

For me and several of my family and friends this year has been a bust!  I  only saw one small doe during gun season, and a couple spikes during bow season.  Yeh I could of taken a doe with my bow, but that was early on.  Now that the season is winding down I may be tempted to put a bald one in the freezer.  I am so thankful deer season in Michigan last for three months. 

I have a brother and several nephews that hunt in the southern part of the state.  Brother Darryl shot an 8 and an 11 pointer, and two of his grandsons scored, but others in his group came home empty handed.  They did not do as well as in years past.  Another group, led by my nephew Brandon Ansel, did remarkably well in the Upper Peninsula around Escanaba, and brother Randy’s boys took three bucks around Marquette.  Jarrod Ansel (Randy’s oldest) took a nice 8 pointer in the Northern Lower, and then shot another buck in the U.P.  Since buying my cabin I have been back around my dads old stomping grounds of Lewiston.  Even though my cabin is located about 15 miles south of where we used to hunt it’s still familiar territory to me.  Last year we took 5 deer around my place, but this year the game pole has been void of hanging deer! 

I’ll be heading north for muzzleloader season, and then there is always those days just after Christmas when you hope for some late bow season tracking snow.  So as Yogi Berra used to say “It ain’t over till it’s over!”  I still have a chance to change those statistics in my favor-or is that flavor!


Hacked Off!

Tuesday, December 4th, 2012

My computer has been hacked and all my information stolen.  I am in the process of changing account numbers, contacting those that need to know, and using valuable time and resources, because a crook scammed me.  It may take awhile before I reestablish my accounts and I get up and running with my blogs, so my readers will just have to be patient with me.  I need a new computer and software so it will take some time to get it all together.  Please keep checking back with the blog from time to time.  Don’t trust anyone who calls to “help” you out with your computer!