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Truth, Justice, and the American Way?

Wednesday, January 30th, 2013

If you read my last post concerning bubble guns, paper shaped guns, and pointed finger guns being outlawed in our schools; you must be breathing a sigh of relief right now. The little girl who mentioned to her friend about playing with her Kitty Kat bubble gun was labeled a “terrorist threat” by the school administration.  Thank God for our diligent school staff who are on the front lines when it comes to “common sense!”  In reality though you should be somewhat alarmed at what goes on behind the scenes with our government and this whole issue of guns and terrorism.  Here then is “part” of the rest of the story.

On November 5th. of 2009 Army Major Nidal Malik Hasan shot and killed 13 fellow soldiers and wounded 29 others at Fort Hood Texas.  It was the worst shooting to ever take place on an American military base.  This was a premeditated mass killing with the killer having substantial terrorist ties.  Testimony reveals he purchased several FN Five-seven pistols with laser sights.  He bought hundred of rounds of ammunition and then spent weeks at the gun range honing his marksmanship skills!

On the day of the massacre Hasan entered the Soldiers Readiness Processing Center, sat at a table, and bowed his head for a few minutes.  When he suddenly stood up he shouted “Allah Akbar” (God is Great) and started spraying the room.  Several brave army reservist charged Hasan only to be gunned down before reaching him.  There were a total of 214 spent casings found at the scene.  Hasan still had 177 rounds in his pockets when civilian police Sergeant Mark Todd finally dropped him with several shots to his lower body.

Major Hasan had been under investigation by the Army and the FBI due to his radical Muslim beliefs, and his numerous contacts with the radical Muslim imam Anwar al-Awlaki.  A DC-based joint terrorism task force and the Defense Criminal Investigative Service concluded that there was not sufficient information for a larger investigation!  They were even aware the Hasan attended the same mosque as several of the terrorist that flew plans into the world trade center.

Senator Joe Lieberman, former U.S. Attorney General Michael Mukasey, and Michael Scheuer (head of the Bin Laden task force) all classified this as a terrorist attack.  It doesn’t take a P.H.D. to figure that out, but low and behold the Defense Department classified this attack as “workplace violence!” Six year old Kitty Kat bubble blower is a terrorist, and this mass murderer (with extreme terrorist connections) is NOT!  What is going on here?  Three years have passed since Jihad rained down on our sons and daughters at Fort Hood Texas.  Hundred of lives shattered by the crazed beliefs of an Islamic terrorist, and yet he still waits in a cell for Justice to be done.  Something really “stinks” here, and I am almost afraid to find out what is “Rotten in Denmark!” The death penalty is an appropriate punishment, and by law can be used in Maj. Hasans case, but will it?  If he ever goes to trial my bet is he beats the death sentence.  That’s how much I trust the actions of those in charge of “keeping us safe!”




Kindergarten Terrorist Tools – Bubbles, Paper, and Fingers!

Saturday, January 26th, 2013

What in the world has happened to this once great country of ours?  When did “common” sense die, and nonsensical political judgments become the “law of the land?”

The picture at the bottom of this post, is of a water pistol that blows bubbles, and was made for young children to play and have fun with.  It looks like a toy in all regards!  Well last week a 5 year old Pennsylvania kindergartner was suspended for what school administrators called a “terrorist threat!”  The little girl was overheard suggesting to a classmate that they shoot each other with bubbles.  She did not even have the “Hello Kitty” bubble blower with her!  It was probably locked up in a gun safe at home-tongue in cheek!

The little girl was ordered to undergo a psychological examination, and serve a 10 day suspension.  The suspension was reduced to 2 days after this little terrorist passed her evaluation, and was deemed normal and not a threat to others!  Duh!  A lawyer for the girls family said that the parents tried to enroll their daughter in another school, but where unable to because of the “mark” on her record.  I hope the Mt. Carmel Area School District, and those responsible for this travesty, get their butts sued to the max!

In yet another case of hysteria young Melody Valintin was given a ripped piece of paper by her grandfather.  The paper was ripped into an “L” shape, which to some might seem like the shape of a pistol!!  While in school Melody threw the paper in the trash, and a fellow classmate “ratted” her out to the teacher.  The teacher called Melody out in front of her classmates and said she should call the cops and have her arrested for bringing a “gun” to school.  Please tell me I’m making this up!

A few weeks prior (to these two little “terrorist” being  caught), a 6 year old boy was suspended from school for pointing his finger and saying “pow!”  Good work all you moronic school administrators and zealous school teachers!  You have made us all safer by removing bubbles, ripped paper, and pointer fingers from classroom life!  Why does that not make ME feel safer, but instead bring my blood pressure up a notch or two?

Makes me wonder just who’s running this “Zoo” anyway?  Stayed tuned for my next post which gets into this subject from another angle.


Second and Third Amendment Thoughts

Tuesday, January 22nd, 2013

As of yet I have not heard much talk concerning the Third (3rd.) Amendments correlation to the Second Amendment.  The Third Amendment deals with the British being able to quarter (Quartering Act of 1774)  their troops in peoples private homes.  Many times your wife or daughters would be “on the menu” of the British troops.  This was possibly the straw that broke the colonist backs in regard to their rebellion against “jolly old England!”  At this time King James and later King George were the rulers (government) over the colonist.  Property could be confiscated, your home taken over, and your wife and daughters abused, by the power of governmental decree.

Could you imagine trying to protect your family and home without weapons (guns) against such governmental assault?  Thus the Second Amendment comes before the Third!

The Second Amendment mentions nothing about hunting, but “a well armed militia” is a strong deterrent against tyranny by the government.  The right to “bear arms” is in the Second Amendment as a safeguard against government trying to overstep its Constitutional bounds!

It would appear, with the recent New York State ruling on gun control that the Second Amendment is “fair game” in the Obama Administrations sights.  This whole debate is going to get very interesting to say the least.

I recently saw this sign posted on the Internet.  It reads “Welcome to West Virginia Wild and Wonderful.”  “Entering Wood County!”  “Our citizens have concealed weapons.  If you kill someone we will kill you back.  We have “0” jails and 513 cemeteries.  Enjoy your stay!”  I would say that when the law abiding public is well armed the criminal element takes notice.

Just a thought, but if you are for gun control and own no guns-put a sign in your front yard stating the fact.  You will no doubt be noticed, but you better sleep with one eye open, and have your “will” made out!DSCN0525


Catching Up On A Morning Goose Hunt

Thursday, January 17th, 2013

Late season goose hunting can be a boon or a bust.  My brother Darryl and I tried it yesterday, and only saw one flock of geese that were not interested in our set-up.  We started the morning at a balmy 19 degrees, but by the time we called it quits it was right around 26 degrees.  You have to be just a little “crazy” to spend the amount of time and energy needed to pull off a good goose hunt.  But; when the birds respond, cup their wings, and are “surprised” by the first muzzle blast, it makes it all worth it!

Well that is not what happened yesterday, but honestly it was a good day anyway.  I don’t get to see Darryl on a regular basis, and we were able to catch up on the “happenings” in one another’s lives.  The four hours sitting (and tripping over cornstalks) on the frozen ground gave us ample opportunity to “catch up!”  I had several hand-warmers stuffed in my pockets, and a set of toe warmers in my boots, so being cold wasn’t really a factor.   Hey the sun came up, God granted us another day, and we were thankful we could take it all in once again.  We have learned, over the years, that a successful day of hunting is not determined by the amount of game taken, but by the love and comradeship of those closest to you.

After we collected goose decoys and packed up blinds we paid a visit to one of Darryl’s buddies Dan Briskey.  Turns out I was in basic training with Dan, and his twin brother Don, 47 years ago.  We had not crossed paths in all these ensuing years, and it was good to visit with Dan over a cup of coffee for awhile.  I also got to met his wife Pam, who must be a real Saint, putting up with Dan’s antics all these years.

No grilled goose breast today, but I am planning a venison roast for dinner.  Now that’s certainly something to be thankful for! 

Deer Season Over – Now What?

Sunday, January 13th, 2013

What does a die-hard deer hunter do for the next nine (9) months, as he waits for deer season 2013?  I like golf, but I would rather play it than watch it on television.  The older I get the less I like being extremely cold while I chase coyotes or rabbits.  I will get out and hunt those critters for a couple days during the winter months, but not when those wind chills are below zero degrees.  In past years I have shot my bow in the basement, and have added a high powered (177 cal.) pellet gun to my arsenal.  That too I can shoot downstairs.  I have played a couple rounds of indoor golf, but it’s not like being outdoors.  I put in a lot of time, and miles on my explorer this deer season, and now that it’s over I’m suffering the “post deer hunting blues!”  If I could afford it I’d book a late season Texas deer/wild hog hunt so I could extend my season.  One of these years I would really like to do just that.

My other, and actually number one love, is my family, and this is a great time of year for taking in some of the grandkids extracurricular activities.  My oldest grand-daughter Nadia McNamara has been involved in competitive cheerleading, and this past Saturday she had a 22 team meet.  My wife, grand-daughter Ava, and I drove to Clawson High School, and arrived 45 minutes before competition so we could get good bleacher seats.  Nadia had to perform in three different segments, which are each scored individually then totaled to see who took first place.  Nadia is one of the schools “flyers,” as she is smaller, and very agile.  Flyers are the girls that get lifted in the air, and it’s up to them to impress the judges with their skills.  Because there were so many schools involved the meet lasted 5 hours.  Nadia’s Clawson High School squad took first place in their division.  What a great way to spend a mid-January day.  I’m sure with eleven grandkids running around these winter “blahs” won’t last for long.  Congratulation Nadia for a great performance by you and your classmates.  Grandma and Papa love you.


Indian Princess Ava

Thursday, January 10th, 2013
Princess Ava

Princess Ava

My son bought me a new laptop for Christmas and I am trying it out for this post.  I tried last evening to do one and failed, so here we go again.  Maybe I was to tired last night!  I wanted to post a picture of my grand-daughter Ava looking like an Indian, but that didn’t pan out.  The whole set up with my server is different, and those of you over 60 know that small changes can have huge results on those of us that are technologically challenged.  I don’t know why they have to keep messing with us senior citizens! I’m thinking this will be a test run of sorts.  If I’m able to post the picture Ava will be wearing a wolf hide I got in Quebec on a bear hunt several years ago.  She is also wearing a couple bear claw necklaces I made from black bear I have harvested over the years.  The staff she is holding is hickory, and I used a wood burner to decorate it, along with feathers, beads, leather, etc.  The bonnet I bought, but added some personal touches of my own.  My great grandmother was a Northwoods Cree from Canada, which makes me 1/8 Native American.  It would be quite insignificant in my grandchildren, but I think Ava looks like an Indian Princess.


The Fresh New Attacks on our Second Amendment Rights

Monday, January 7th, 2013

” The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is,as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in the government.”” — Thomas Jefferson.

Sen. Diane Feinstein announced that she will introduce a bill that goes far beyond any previous attempt to infringe on our second amendment rights at the beginning of the new congress.  If you remember she is the author of the 1994-2004 federal “assault ban and large ammunition magazine ban.”  Her new bill, among other things, would change the definition of assault weapons that would effect a much larger variety of firearms.  It would require current owners of such firearms to register them with the federal government, and require the forfeiture of those firearms upon the death of the owner!  She also has adopted a new list of prohibited external features.  Assault weapons are to include the trusty M1 carbine, a model of the Ruger Mini-14, and most models of the SKS.  Any semiautomatic or centerfire rifle with a fixed magazine holding more than 10 rounds, and any rifle under 30 inches.  Handguns with clips holding more than 10 rounds and semi-auto handguns with a threaded barrel will be banned.

Recently Joshua Boston (a Marine who served tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan) wrote Sen. Feinstein a letter that is being circulated by some national news outlets.  In part Boston says “You ma’am have overstepped a line that is not your domain.”  ” I am not your subject,” he continues.  ” I am the man who keeps you free.  I am not your servant.  I am the person whom you serve.  I am not your peasant.”  Well said Joshua.

“No free man shall ever be debarred the use of arms”  Thomas Jefferson.  Government has gotten to large and intrusive on those they pretend to serve.  Jefferson also stated ” My reading of history convinces me that most bad government results from too much government.”  Seems he was looking into the future.  Once we allow a protected liberty to fall in degrees it will surly topple completely in time!

Feinsteins proposal has much more to it than I am able to share in this blog.  You can go on the Internet and get a complete rundown on her anti-gun proposal.  Makes one wonder just how this whole scenario will play it self out among the “land of the free, and the home of the brave?


The “Rage” is Number One!

Friday, January 4th, 2013

Several years ago I gave into the hype and bought some very expensive “Rage” mechanical broadheads.  I used one when I had a shot at a buck with a very unusual 8-point rack.  I was shooting my Myles Keller Legend compound set at 58 pounds.  The shot was a little off target and hit the shoulder area.  I have had fixed blade broadheads shoot completely through the scapula, so when the rage only penetrated about 4 inches I was highly disappointed.  The arrow dropped to the ground as the deer bounded away.  I climbed down from my perch, and put a fixed blade thunderhead on.  The deer went about 150 yards and layed down.  I was able to sneak very close and put the fixed blade through his rib cage and into the ground where he was hiding.

I wrote about my “bad” experience with the “Rage” and several readers disagreed with the stance I took.  Art Summers over at Simply Outdoors was sold on the Rage, and prodded me not to give up on them, but give them another try.

It took a couple years to finally take his advice, but this season I figured I would try them once again.  This Fall I took my fourth turkey with a bow using Rage broadheads, and on december 22nd. I arrowed a great 11 point buck with my Barnett crossbow and rage broadheads.  As you can see in the picture the entrance hole is enormous.  The exit hole was just as big, and this “bad boy” piled up within sight of my stand.  He was stone dead in 10 seconds, and I’m not exaggerating a bit!  Ok Art I’m sold!  The deer I hit several years ago must have been an anomaly, as the “Rage” broadhead is now the number one selling head on the market.  I guess $40.00 dollars for a package of three heads is worth it when you have the results in your freezer, or on your wall.

2012 Deer Season Comes to a Close

Tuesday, January 1st, 2013

Deer season 2012 has officially ended for me.  I just returned from three days at the cabin hunting in ideal conditions.  There were about 10 inches of snow on the ground.  The air was cold and crisp with hardly any wind, and the deer were on the move, looking for various food sources.

Normally I only see deer early morning and very late evening around my place, but this trip they were around at all times of the day.  I was seeing 15-20 deer a day, but not once did I think about shooting one.  I must be getting soft in my old age.

Actually I never say a buck, except for one spikehorn and a few button bucks, everything else were doe’s.  I did have two doe permits in my pocket, but with a big buck in my freezer I just didn’t have any pressure on me to shoot another deer.

Last year five deer were taken around my cabin.  This year there were none, and I’m thinking that will be good for next year, as long as the winter doesn’t get to bad!  There was one fawn that was smaller than any deer I have ever seen at this time of year.  It couldn’t have weighed more than 35 pounds, and was still nursing with it’s mother.  There were other fawns (born this year) that were twice the size of this runt!  He seemed healthy, but I have no idea how he could of been born so late in the birthing period.

While I was up north I also found out my 4-wheeler is not real great in snow 10-12 inches deep.  I got stuck several times, and had to “rock” my way out.  A bigger engine I’m sure would help, and some better tires, and maybe a newer model!  Are you listening dear?  Lorna where did you go?