Kindergarten Terrorist Tools – Bubbles, Paper, and Fingers!

What in the world has happened to this once great country of ours?  When did “common” sense die, and nonsensical political judgments become the “law of the land?”

The picture at the bottom of this post, is of a water pistol that blows bubbles, and was made for young children to play and have fun with.  It looks like a toy in all regards!  Well last week a 5 year old Pennsylvania kindergartner was suspended for what school administrators called a “terrorist threat!”  The little girl was overheard suggesting to a classmate that they shoot each other with bubbles.  She did not even have the “Hello Kitty” bubble blower with her!  It was probably locked up in a gun safe at home-tongue in cheek!

The little girl was ordered to undergo a psychological examination, and serve a 10 day suspension.  The suspension was reduced to 2 days after this little terrorist passed her evaluation, and was deemed normal and not a threat to others!  Duh!  A lawyer for the girls family said that the parents tried to enroll their daughter in another school, but where unable to because of the “mark” on her record.  I hope the Mt. Carmel Area School District, and those responsible for this travesty, get their butts sued to the max!

In yet another case of hysteria young Melody Valintin was given a ripped piece of paper by her grandfather.  The paper was ripped into an “L” shape, which to some might seem like the shape of a pistol!!  While in school Melody threw the paper in the trash, and a fellow classmate “ratted” her out to the teacher.  The teacher called Melody out in front of her classmates and said she should call the cops and have her arrested for bringing a “gun” to school.  Please tell me I’m making this up!

A few weeks prior (to these two little “terrorist” being  caught), a 6 year old boy was suspended from school for pointing his finger and saying “pow!”  Good work all you moronic school administrators and zealous school teachers!  You have made us all safer by removing bubbles, ripped paper, and pointer fingers from classroom life!  Why does that not make ME feel safer, but instead bring my blood pressure up a notch or two?

Makes me wonder just who’s running this “Zoo” anyway?  Stayed tuned for my next post which gets into this subject from another angle.


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  1. Hepshiba Victor says:

    Brother, After reading this, I felt sad for those LITTLE ONES, so sad the system is so bad over there. Reacting so seriously for a very funny and Small childish act and where they have to respond, they keep silent. I know it is not giving any sense in any way, but we have to live with it!!!
    If this continues, they will even ban the kids from playing in their own house too………

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