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“Don’t Expect Me To Do Any Smiling Today!”

Wednesday, February 27th, 2013

photo (4)Most parents have been through having their kids tonsils removed or maybe their adenoids taken out, but it’s never easy seeing your child (grandchild) go through these scary situations.  Scary for them, for sure, and apprehensive for us parents and grandparents.  We are releasing our “treasure” to a stranger, or group of strangers, that don’t have the emotional connection that “flesh and blood” has.  Of course we know that in almost every circumstance everything turns out alright, but no-one has ever received a written guarantee that it actually will.  Not much we can do when placing our children into the hands of someone else who may hold the power of life or death in their hands.

I may be a little melodramatic in those statements, but I am so blessed that as a believer in Christ I can come to my Heavenly Father and pray.  I don’t just leave it to the physicians, but I’m able to take my prayers and petitions to the Divine Physician, knowing how much He cares for me and mine.  I can rest in that, knowing that all things work together for my (our) good.

My little grand-daughter Addisyn Grace Taylor had her adenoids taken out this morning at the surgery Center in Monroe.  I think she did very well, but she pretty much kept her word to her mother earlier in the morning.  Right after Courtney woke her up Addy said “Don’t expect me to do any smiling today!”  She may have cracked one smile for a caring nurse, but that was it!  In the picture Addy is in the recovery area, and still feeling a little woozy from the anesthesia.  Addy’s adenoids were taking up both her sinus cavities and even part of her nasal passages.  Addy has probably never breathed through her nose in her 6 short years.  Well her mom and grandpa were at her bed side when we heard her take a breath through her nose.  Hopefully she won’t be so prone to colds and throat infections now that this major blockage is taken care of.

Papa and Grandma are so glad your home and already feeling better Addy.  We love you, and thank God we can lay our cares and burdens at His feet.


A True Princess

Monday, February 25th, 2013

Madison and Memadison 001This is my great-niece Madison McElvany.  Her mother Jayme is my brother Darryls daughter.  I must say she truly is a “great-niece!  Madi (as we all like to call her) is a budding singer, dancer, and model.  She is forever taking lessons, traveling, or doing an interview for a television commercial or photo spread.

She’s a great student in the classroom, and has a heart for helping others.  The picture of her and Chief 10 Bears was taken at a weekly bible studies that Madi attends, put on by her great-grandmother Betty.  She’s down to earth, funny, and not pretentious at all.  She really is a “model” child!  (Pun intended!)  Madison has appeared in t.v. commercials for Art Van, the Detroit Zoo, Detroit hospitals, and other businesses.

In the other picture Madison (age 10)  appears on the cover of American Girl magazine.  Madi has been modeling for American Girl for the past 18 months, and has been featured in the company catalog, print advertising, and on their Web site.  American Girl sells dolls cloths, furniture, books, and gifts for girls.

Recently Madison and her mother started their own line of clothing called Madi Mac Fashions.  They specialize in one of a kind dance clothing and accessories for girls.  Madison does her own designing, and Jayme does the sewing.

Madison is the reigning Junior Miss Monroe County.  In 2010 she was Little Miss Monroe County and Little Miss Michigan.  She also does competitive dancing with the Viva Dance Company, and is involved the “Bully Revolution.”  That is an organization formed by Madison and her mother with the goal to end bullying.  They have appeared in many of the area schools with their presentation, which includes a short film about bullying.  The film is professionally produced and includes local children as the actors/actresses.

Madison has her plate full, but there’s no slowing this girl down.  She makes her family proud, as well as her community.  Madi truly is a little “Princess” indeed!”


Sears and K-Mart Give Thumbs Up to Offending Christians!

Friday, February 22nd, 2013

Last Saturday night on NBC’s “Saturday Night Live” the network aired a violent and gory segment mocking  Jesus and the Christian faith.  Jesus was portrayed as a vengeful murderer bent on killing the Romans who crucified him!  According to Scripture He actually said (while hanging on the cross) “Father forgive them for they know not what they do!”  Saturday Night Live has a long history of attacking the Christian faith, and both Sears and K-Mart are unapologetic in their sponsorship of these anti-Christian segments.

Sears Holdings owns both Sears and K-Mart, and they have been asked to pull their sponsorship from Saturday Night Live, and apologise to those they have offended.  Sears Facebook page contains dozens of apologies to customers for poor customer service or faulty products, but there is not a single apology to the hundreds of Christians who contacted them about their advertising!  Do you think they would hold the same position if Saturday Night Live did a segment offensive to Islam?  It seems the Christian faith is fair game in the Country that was founded on Christian values, and has “In God We Trust” on its money!

I have contacted K-Mart and Sears and let them know that I will no longer be a customer of their businesses.  I have an extended family of over 80 and I will get the word out to them as well. Call the Sears corporate headquarters number at 847-286-2500, and let them know your feelings on their tepid response to the Christian community.  You can also visit the Sears Facebook page and leave a comment there.  If corporations listen to anything it’s the sound of money leaving their business.  Maybe then they will get the message that it isn’t a good business practice to attack the Christian faith.


Michigans Gray Wolves on the Increase!

Tuesday, February 19th, 2013

gray wolf 001Just this past January Michigans gray wolves (in the Great Lakes Region) have been taken off the endangered species list.  Ten years ago there were 300 wolves roaming the Upper peninsula, and today that number has jumped to at least 700!

Some state lawmakers are considering making the gray wolf a game species, which could open the door for a hunting and trapping season for wolves.  People are very passionate on both sides of this issue.  Most of Michigan’s wolves are located in the Western half of the Upper Peninsula, but there have been a few reports of wolves migrating to the upper part of the lower peninsula.  Many Yoopers would love to see the wolf number reduced, and some wouldn’t mind if they were totally eradicated.  On the other hand there are those who would want a “live and let live” policy toward this mysterious predator.

My brother Darryl and his friends the Shinkles hunt around Crystal Falls in the U.P.  I have hunted there several times myself, and over the past  years have found signs of heavy wolf predation among the deer population.  Four years ago I actually saw one standing in the road, as it stopped and stared in my direction.  A big an impressive “killing machine” if ever there was one!  For this reason alone many hunters and property owners wouldn’t mind seeing wolf numbers reduced.  Most hunters in this area will tell you that the deer numbers have substantially dropped since the reintroduction of the wolf.  Three years ago, on a bear hunt around Marquette, we had a pack of wolves venture into a bait sight.  We were able to get their “howling” on tape, but they eluded any snapshots.  Deer numbers in that area have also dropped dramatically.

According to Adam Bump, of the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, the DNR is supportive of making the wolves a game species because it would give the agency another tool to help manage the animals.  I’m quite sure that none of this is going to fly under the radar of the animal rights groups, and their big spending backers.  Once the lawsuits start flying and politicians get involved the deer population will be in real trouble.  Hope it doesn’t come to that, but a “fight” is no doubt looming on the horizon!


Fishing the Mio Pond

Saturday, February 16th, 2013

moms birth-Bretts 011Since I’ve owned my cabin in Luzerne we have been trying to find some good places to fish.  My son-in-law Glen has searched several lakes in the area, along with my grandson Kyle.  I have fished four different lakes including the Mio pond which is about 7 miles East of my place.  I’ve caught sunfish, blue-gill and one very small pike.  Glen has taken one good-sized pike, but we have never really put enough fish on a stringer for a fish fry.  Actually we haven’t seen anyone else do very good either.  But we can always evoke the old saying that goes like this “Even a bad day of fishing is better than a good day at work.”

I did find a small pond that I fished 34 years ago with my two oldest girls.  The water levels are down all over the state, and this little pond was no exception.  It had to be down 4-5 feet, which made for a lot more weeds than normal.  We did wade out in the lily pads and caught some nice sunfish with Kyle and his cousin Jacob.

Now getting back to the Mio Pond!  There are several brave souls that ice fish the pond, and actually are doing very good.  I saw an article this past weekend about a 40 inch pike recently caught through the ice, and talked with a local fisherman that said his son and him had been doing quite well.  The picture at the left is from one of his fishing trips this past Fall, but I’m starting to get the “bigger” picture.  There are some dandy fish in the Mio pond!  I just have to find them.


How to Fight the Winter Blahs!

Sunday, February 10th, 2013

Randy Ann Cabin 023Randy Ann Cabin 025What better way to face the mid-winter “blahs” than by diving head first into a snowdrift!  Well maybe not quite, but my wife and I, along with brother Randy and his wife Ann, did go on the “offensive” and headed right into the bowels of the storm.  Sounds pretty impressive doesn’t it?

Well that’s not exactly as exciting as it may sound.  Actually we did have to shovel the beginning of the cabin driveway, as the snowplows had made quite a mound of snow for us!  Once through the gate my 20-year-old Ford Explorer 4×4 did the rest of the work getting us back to our weekend retreat.  Even 12 inches of white powder can’t stop my trusty Ford!  We turned up the heat, unloaded the Explorer, and headed into Fairview for breakfast.

Once we got back we settled in for nothing but a relaxing weekend.  We played cards (10 crowns,) read books, and watched a video.  I took Lorna for a 4-wheeler ride around the property on my Polaris, and saw that a whole bunch of deer were visiting the neighbors horse barn (hay.)  Wasn’t sure if I could negotiate a foot of snow, but we did just fine, as it was of the light fluffy variety.  I couldn’t get Randy and Ann to leave the comfort of the cabin, as they were content to just look out the window on Gods handiwork.  We even had a deer walk through the yard Sunday morning.

Back in Monroe the snow was practically gone and temperatures were 20 degrees warmer than Luzerne.  We had our batteries charged and were ready for all that lays before us this upcoming week.  At least we hope we are!

First Crossbow Buck A Bruiser!

Monday, February 4th, 2013

Bleached skull 016I recently got my end of the season 11 pointer back from “Gary Brown Taxidermy.”  My wife said “there’s enough deer heads hanging on the wall, we don’t need another!”  She at least let me have the skull bleached so I could do a European mount.  I have to admit it was nice saving $400.00 dollars by going that way.  It turned out well, and I didn’t have to stink up the garage boiling it myself.  I did one a couple years ago, and swore I would never do it again.

The green score on my buck was 151-6/8.  That’s just a couple points less than a monster 8 pointer I shot in Hillsdale several years back.  Both bucks weighed about the same (around 170 pounds) as they were really wore out from the rut.  I imagine they had their “hooves” full just keeping the rest of the bucks away from their harem.  This is the second largest scoring buck I have ever taken.  I do have three others between 128-132 hanging on the wall.  It seems strange to me as I have never taken a really nice buck with a rifle/shotgun/ muzzleloader!  All (6) of my big bucks have been with a bow or crossbow.

In retrospect I guess I do prepare a little harder for bow season than I do gun.  Ever since I was a kid I’ve enjoyed bow hunting, and that time of year, over the gun season.  October and those first two weeks of November are special for sure.  We are so fortunate here in Michigan to have all of December to bowhunt also.  Hey if we didn’t I would not of had a chance to put a trophy on the wall, and meat in the freezer.