“Don’t Expect Me To Do Any Smiling Today!”

photo (4)Most parents have been through having their kids tonsils removed or maybe their adenoids taken out, but it’s never easy seeing your child (grandchild) go through these scary situations.  Scary for them, for sure, and apprehensive for us parents and grandparents.  We are releasing our “treasure” to a stranger, or group of strangers, that don’t have the emotional connection that “flesh and blood” has.  Of course we know that in almost every circumstance everything turns out alright, but no-one has ever received a written guarantee that it actually will.  Not much we can do when placing our children into the hands of someone else who may hold the power of life or death in their hands.

I may be a little melodramatic in those statements, but I am so blessed that as a believer in Christ I can come to my Heavenly Father and pray.  I don’t just leave it to the physicians, but I’m able to take my prayers and petitions to the Divine Physician, knowing how much He cares for me and mine.  I can rest in that, knowing that all things work together for my (our) good.

My little grand-daughter Addisyn Grace Taylor had her adenoids taken out this morning at the surgery Center in Monroe.  I think she did very well, but she pretty much kept her word to her mother earlier in the morning.  Right after Courtney woke her up Addy said “Don’t expect me to do any smiling today!”  She may have cracked one smile for a caring nurse, but that was it!  In the picture Addy is in the recovery area, and still feeling a little woozy from the anesthesia.  Addy’s adenoids were taking up both her sinus cavities and even part of her nasal passages.  Addy has probably never breathed through her nose in her 6 short years.  Well her mom and grandpa were at her bed side when we heard her take a breath through her nose.  Hopefully she won’t be so prone to colds and throat infections now that this major blockage is taken care of.

Papa and Grandma are so glad your home and already feeling better Addy.  We love you, and thank God we can lay our cares and burdens at His feet.


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  1. Hepshiba Victor says:

    Your post truly made us cry to think about Addy suffering so much all these years and now she is more better and breathing through her nose. You said she has some health issues in your earlier e-mails but never knew what it was. We really feel so sad and sorry but now we are praising God that she is doing fine now and will be able to breath so comfortably. This picture is so beautiful and we are so glad she has done well with the surgery. We and all the children are continually in prayers for her and Courtney. Truly a hard time for parents and grandparents. I am so glad you are there with Courtney and Addy. Its a great strength for them to have you with them. We are thanking Lord for HIS mercies and love.
    we love you brother,

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