First Crossbow Buck A Bruiser!

Bleached skull 016I recently got my end of the season 11 pointer back from “Gary Brown Taxidermy.”  My wife said “there’s enough deer heads hanging on the wall, we don’t need another!”  She at least let me have the skull bleached so I could do a European mount.  I have to admit it was nice saving $400.00 dollars by going that way.  It turned out well, and I didn’t have to stink up the garage boiling it myself.  I did one a couple years ago, and swore I would never do it again.

The green score on my buck was 151-6/8.  That’s just a couple points less than a monster 8 pointer I shot in Hillsdale several years back.  Both bucks weighed about the same (around 170 pounds) as they were really wore out from the rut.  I imagine they had their “hooves” full just keeping the rest of the bucks away from their harem.  This is the second largest scoring buck I have ever taken.  I do have three others between 128-132 hanging on the wall.  It seems strange to me as I have never taken a really nice buck with a rifle/shotgun/ muzzleloader!  All (6) of my big bucks have been with a bow or crossbow.

In retrospect I guess I do prepare a little harder for bow season than I do gun.  Ever since I was a kid I’ve enjoyed bow hunting, and that time of year, over the gun season.  October and those first two weeks of November are special for sure.  We are so fortunate here in Michigan to have all of December to bowhunt also.  Hey if we didn’t I would not of had a chance to put a trophy on the wall, and meat in the freezer.


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  1. Hepshiba Victor says:

    Such a nice picture. Most of it I truly dont understand, but what you do is really keeping you busy all the time and you are very much enjoying what you are doing. I showed the picture to the kids, and they were so excited to see it again and again. We saw the deer heads hanging on your wall in your house from the pictures you sent and it was really good. In India it is totally illegal, but we are happy for the nice opportunities you have. The thing which you do, hunting, is making you fit, happy and also food for you all. its so good. We love you brother. children send their hugs and kisses to you and their Aunt Lorna. Yours,

  2. Phillip says:

    That’s a heck of a buck, Mike!

    And for what it’s worth, I’ve become a big fan of euro mounts. They look cool, don’t take up as much space as shoulder mounts, and are a heck of a lot cheaper! And the memories are still intact.

  3. mikewansel says:

    Thanks Phillip. I may of thrown a little fuss with my wife, but honestly would of done the European mount anyway. I think they look pretty good on the wall. Hows the Hog hunting in Texas?

  4. Phillip says:

    Still slow on the hog front, although I did finally catch one on my camera. I still think a reasonable amount of rain will move them in again, but I guess the ranchers are happy to see them gone for now.

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