How to Fight the Winter Blahs!

Randy Ann Cabin 023Randy Ann Cabin 025What better way to face the mid-winter “blahs” than by diving head first into a snowdrift!  Well maybe not quite, but my wife and I, along with brother Randy and his wife Ann, did go on the “offensive” and headed right into the bowels of the storm.  Sounds pretty impressive doesn’t it?

Well that’s not exactly as exciting as it may sound.  Actually we did have to shovel the beginning of the cabin driveway, as the snowplows had made quite a mound of snow for us!  Once through the gate my 20-year-old Ford Explorer 4×4 did the rest of the work getting us back to our weekend retreat.  Even 12 inches of white powder can’t stop my trusty Ford!  We turned up the heat, unloaded the Explorer, and headed into Fairview for breakfast.

Once we got back we settled in for nothing but a relaxing weekend.  We played cards (10 crowns,) read books, and watched a video.  I took Lorna for a 4-wheeler ride around the property on my Polaris, and saw that a whole bunch of deer were visiting the neighbors horse barn (hay.)  Wasn’t sure if I could negotiate a foot of snow, but we did just fine, as it was of the light fluffy variety.  I couldn’t get Randy and Ann to leave the comfort of the cabin, as they were content to just look out the window on Gods handiwork.  We even had a deer walk through the yard Sunday morning.

Back in Monroe the snow was practically gone and temperatures were 20 degrees warmer than Luzerne.  We had our batteries charged and were ready for all that lays before us this upcoming week.  At least we hope we are!

One Response to “How to Fight the Winter Blahs!”

  1. Hepshiba Victor says:

    Sound so much good time for you all. We are so glad you all are back to home safely. We have been hearing about Snow Storms in your country and I thought it was hard on you all but Sis. Linda Calloway said it was in Eastern Cost and that you are fine. We are glad you all had wonderful time together. Love you brother.