Gun Control Effects the Law Abiding Gun Owner Not the Criminal or Mentally Deranged!

Effective  July 1st. Colorado will impose some of the strictest gun control measures in the United States.  Except for “liberal” leaning California it is unheard of that one of our Western States would embrace such restrictions.  After all Colorado is a frontier state where gunslinger’s (like Doc Holliday and Buffalo Bill) roamed freely, and President Teddy Roosevelt often hunted.  In fact hunting outfitters and ranches are one of the major sources of income for the state.  As part of the “Wild West” Colorado has a long history of its citizens love for firearms.  In many families guns are passed down from generation to generation.  So just what’s going on in Colorado.

Well it seems that the tragic shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School has rapidly pushed the politically correct envelope toward gun control measures.  In poll after poll Americans have fallen for the political rhetoric that tougher gun control means less crime/killings/mass murders.  But what gun control does is penalize the honest, law-abiding, citizens that have never harmed anyone or broken any laws.

Gov. John Hickenlooper (Colorado Democrat) has signed two Democratically backed bills that would increase background checks and limit the size of magazines.  Others bills pending in the state legislature include banning gun ownership for certain past crimes (I personally have no problem with that) and making it harder to do safety training for those seeking a concealed weapons permit.  It seems to me, and to my fellow Second Amendment advocates that the focus is on law-abiding American citizens and not the “crazy’s” the criminals, and the haters who perpetrate these heinous crimes.  Put our resources and energy into actually going after the criminals and the deranged, and leave law-abiding citizens alone.

Just yesterday a University of Central Florida student (James Oliver Seevakumaran) planned a mass killing of fellow dorm members.  His plans went awry as a room-mate dialed 911 after Seevakumaran pointed a gun at him.  The response from police was swift, as Seevakumaran pulled the fire alarm in order to get as many “targets” in the hallways as possible.  For reasons known only to Seevakumaran (and Satan) he put his 45 to his own head and pulled the trigger.  It is a sad thing when a fellow member of the human race comes to a point when harming (killing) others or oneself are the only options on the table.  These are the people who need help!  Not Mr. and Mrs. law-abiding, tax paying, patriotic, God-fearing Americans.  James had two guns, hundreds of rounds of ammunition, and explosives in his backpack.  He had well thought out plans on how to inflict as much damage on his dorm-mates as possible.  How can this be?  James was in a “gun free” zone!  It was against the law to have weapons on the campus or in the dorms.  The answer is someone “hell-bent” on an act, such as this, will find a way to pull it off with guns, knives, explosives, airplanes, poison or whatever means  at their disposal.  Law abiding citizens do just that; they obey the law.  Criminals and the lunatic fringe do not!  Why not focus on them, and leave the lovers of liberty exercise their Second Amendment rights?


2 Responses to “Gun Control Effects the Law Abiding Gun Owner Not the Criminal or Mentally Deranged!”

  1. Hepshiba Victor says:

    Wonderful Post!!!

  2. Bill Doak says:

    Hi Mike. Kudos for taking the time to consider the issues which define us all as Americans, first and foremost. I agree with you that the USF ex-student, James Oliver Seevakumaran, needed help. But if you will allow me to disagree, I’d like to point out that all the weapons he went out and purchased happened beginning in February. There were large-capacity magazines still sitting in the USF dorm mail room that he had not even picked up yet. So here is a 30-year-old student, in the process of being evicted, with no real prospects, no degree, no friends. Should it be so simple for people (he was perfectly law-abiding up until then) to buy weaponry in our country? I know you probably would say ‘yes’, but let’s pause and think about that. Yes, the law banning guns was totally ineffective. More laws also are not the answer. But we operate in a system where politicians react to protect us from ourselves. That is the nature of our government, like it or not. I don’t agree that politicians really want to take away your guns or gun rights. But here in Connecticut we have several dozen law enforcement and emergency responders who now require counseling for an indefinite period after what they witnessed in Newtown. I know top, veteran officers, military background, who cried after what they witnessed. Adam Lanza was using devastating military loads in his rifle and shredded a room of first graders so badly they had to be ID’d. Bullets pierced the inside walls of the classroom and cars parked out in the parking lot. A terrible scene. It is the people who have to clean up after incidents such as this one that are fed up. And imagine how the parents of the 51,000 (minus one) other students feel who paid their tuition hoping their child would be safe while trying to learn and better themselves at USF. Handing every college student a weapon is not the solution.

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