“Hale Fire” Is Here!

001I love everything there is about turkey hunting.  Season is just around the corner, and I have my hands on a call that will be a game changer.  I have never been able to use a mouth call, as I gag to easy.  Those that use one usually can imitate a “gobble” pretty good.  Since I’m left with my slate and box calls my only option was a hand-held (bulky) gobble shake call!  Way to much movement, but produces an adequate gobble.

Early in the week I was at Cabela’s cashing in some gift cards on needed hunting items.  I came across this Knight and Hale turkey gobble call named “Hale Fire!”  I pick one up, and about an hour later was making some pretty good sounds with it.

This morning I had to go get two of my grand-sons off to school, and brought my “gobble” call with me.  My son-in-law has had a few birds hanging around his place, but had not seen them of late.  After getting the boys off to school I took a walk back to the edge of the woods.  It was about 8:30 and birds should have already been on the ground.  I cupped my hand and blew my first gobble.  Immediately I got a loud response in front of me.  I gobbled again and two birds responded!  On my third try three different gobbles rang out from the woods.  How sweet is that?  I didn’t want them to see me, or spook them from the area, so I headed back to the house.  Once I was several hundred yards away I cut loose with another gobble, and the woods came alive with return gobbles.

Man that excites me!  I can’t wait to use this on my turkey hunt this spring.  Not only will it work good with decoys it will also be a good locator call.  If you’re not so great with a diaphragm call then give the “Hale Fire” a try.  If your like me you won’t be disappointed.


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