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I can’t believe how fast the time has flown by on this much anticipated trip to Florida.  So far the weather has been great, as my copper tone body will testify to.  As we have discovered though, the weather can change in the blink of an eye.  Kind of reminds me of Michigan.  Right now we are under a severe thunderstorm watch with the possibility of an isolated tornado.  who would of ever thought?  We Really can’t complain cause Michigan weather is still much colder than normal.

Yesterday my wife and I walked over to another part of the Sheraton complex and looked up my brother Randy’s kids and grand kids.  Neither of us knew we had planned on being here at the same time.  It was great seeing all of them.

Sea World and Disney World are behind us.  The kids had a blast, and will have some great memories to take home with them.

I took lots of pictures and will post them when we get home.  I’m not really looking forward  to the long drive home, especially back into the cold weather.  I’m ready to play some golf  after nine days of warmth.  I will post more once I get home and shovel out my driveway!  Bah Humbug!


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  1. Hepshiba Victor says:

    So glad you all are having such great time with all your family in Florida. Our love and prayers are with you all there. Praying for you safe return.
    I am so glad you took lots of pictures and we know you will send them all to us through e-mail. Praying to hear from you sooner.
    we love you.
    Pastor John, Hepshiba and all the kids at MAOH.

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