Feathered Photo Opt

mom jacob lorna 003mom jacob lorna 009I don’t always remember to bring my camera along with me when I’m out and about, but when I do remember good things happen!

I live in a country neighborhood and every year we have mallard ducks nesting in peoples yards.  You would think they would learn their lesson, as inevitably raccoons (or some other critter) will get their eggs.  Our neighborhood is not a safe place to build a nest on the ground.  Only once have I actually seen ducklings hatch from these ill advised hiding places.  I’m surprised they keep at it year after year.  This male mallard was just across the street from my house, and posed nicely for a photo opt.

The pair of geese were in my brothers backyard pond, and the female is a little smarter than the ducks.  She has her nest in the middle of this pond, and if you want her babies you’ll have to swim, and then fight her and her mate to boot.  Foxes and coyotes sometimes underestimate the tenacity of a mother goose.  I once saw a goose kill a fox my friend kept for a pet.  The fox went for the little goslings and momma goose smoked him!  She actually picked him up by the back of his neck and shook him so hard she broke his back.  You do not fool around with a mother goose, or you to may be in for quite a surprise.

I also saw a huge “Tom” turkey, but was to slow with the camera for a picture.  He was walking down a road in an area of luxury homes, and surprised the heck out of me.  No doubt looking for some female turkeys.  Thank you “Mother Nature” for the photo opt!


One Response to “Feathered Photo Opt”

  1. Hepshiba Victor says:

    So beautiful. How wonderful your country is with such lovely nature views. we always picture America as a very busy nation and nature is not seen so beautifully but from your pictures we now know how blessed Nation you have and how happy you all are to have such beautiful Nature and colorful birds hanging around and you have opportunity to hunt a few too. so nice. thanks for the pictures through this blog.
    I guess this is really very very busy time and season for you all. Praying to hear from you soon. yours, Hepshiba.