New Spring Arrivals

We have two robins nest on the back of our house.  This one is right by our back screen door, and every time we open the door mother robin goes crazy.  There is another nest about 40 feet away built on top of our electrical panel.  Personally I wouldn’t build a house in such a “hot” spot!  The little blue eggs hatched  over a week apart, but the earlier arrivals flew the coop today, as I was about to take their picture.  How rude is that?  My wife told me I better get a snapshot of them today or it was going to be to late.  I just hope the neighborhood cats don’t get them before they can fend for themselves.

Both nest had three eggs, but only two hatched for some reason.  It won’t be long and these babies will be flying high just like their neighbors.  After that I can clean off my lamp, and walk out the back door without getting “squawked” at!

Mikerobins 003

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  1. Hepshiba Victor says:

    So wonderful!!!