Venison Barbecue – From Field, to Freezer, to My Plate

One of the main reason I (or any other) hunter hunts is to put wild game in the freezer.  Right now I have my choice of venison, elk, wild turkey, squirrel, and some trout.  This is just part of natures bounty at its finest.  No growth hormones and preservatives here.

Just recently I took a venison roast and put it in a slow cooker for about 8 hours.  I added a few special ingredients, and when it was ready de-boned the meat.  At this time it was so tender that it literally fell off the bone.  My plan was to make up a batch of barbecued venison, and that’s just what I did.  I mixed it up with some open pit sauce and it was ready for the buns and chips.  I put a couple sweet pickles on top and totally enjoyed my “wild game” barbecue.  Nothing better than a meal provided by yourself and Mother Nature.  Now if I could only put another turkey in the freezer Id be all set!
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