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Fall Bear Permit!

Thursday, June 27th, 2013

102_3968The Michigan bear drawing results were posted this week, and yours truly drew a permit for the 3rd. hunt in the Gwinn unit.  My brother Randy drew the 1st. hunt in the same unit.

The picture is from a couple years ago at bear camp around Marquette.  I love to bear hunt and the Baldwin camp is the perfect place to try and fool old “blackie!”  Not only can I hunt bear, but I can fish for brookies from the creek, bow hunt for deer, or trap beavers.  Boy am I looking forward to this upcoming September.

I already have a freezer full of bear bait and will be collecting donuts from the pastry shop just down the road.  This year I’ll be using a crossbow for the first time.  If I can get one within 40-45 yards I’m confident I can “Get er Done” as Larry the Cable Guy would say!  The only problem I can foresee is I’ll be by myself, and at 67 years old that causes some concern for my wife.  I can understand, but Dick Baldwin has always taken care of us Ansel’s, and I suspect he’ll be watching over me like he always does.  It will be good to catch up with Gary and Nancy Baldwin and their two kids Paula and Matt, who happen to have four boys between them.  Ruth and Dick are the Matriarch and Patriarch of the Baldwin crew and try to keep everyone in line.

I’m heading for the northwoods in the morning and will be working on the cabin for our 4th. of July family outing.  It may be a week or so before I can get back to blogging, so be expecting a report from our big summer adventure.


Graduations, Mud Holes, and Swimming Pools

Tuesday, June 25th, 2013

Mindy's graduation party 023Mindy's graduation party 028This past Sunday we had a college graduation party for my fourth daughter Mindy.  She owns her own business, and just received her bachelor degree in marketing.  The mother of three she has worked hard to accomplish her goals.  We are all very proud of her.

Just the family was there at Tony and daughter Alena’s property.  Later in the day we broke out the 4-wheelers and had some fun in the water and mud.  These Polaris machines are a blast when put to the test.  Check out the look on the kids faces and you know they are having fun.  That’s Addison and McKenzie riding with Papa on the blue “trail boss, and Quinn, Kelsey, Logan and Brady on the yellow machine.

After we got most everyone all wet and muddy we hosed down and jumped in the pool.  It was a hot, sticky day and the cool water felt so good.  We don’t have a pool, but there are a couple in the family, and what a blessing they are during Michigan’sMindy's graduation party 003 warm summer months!

Pictured by the pool are Addy, Jacob, Logan, Kyle and Ava.  The water and mud we were riding in is way back toward the woods behind Tony’s barn.  That was Sunday afternoon and we did it again on Tuesday.  Now I’m looking for a volunteer to clean my 4-wheeler!  Any takers?


Mother Angel Orphans and Widows Home

Saturday, June 22nd, 2013

Christmas 2012 at Orphanage (192)Even though this blog is called “Hunting With Mike” I often blog about things totally unrelated to hunting.  This is one of those blogs.

This picture show some of the 52 children at the Mother Angel Orphans and Widows home in Bobbarlanka India.  The home is run by Hepshiba Victor and her husband Pastor John Victor.  Until recently they have not been funded by any church, or other  organization.  The needs are many here in this small fishing village in Eastern India.  The climate there is “hot” the buildings not large enough, and electricity is limited to a few hours a day.  Medicine is expensive, and the government does not have the network of social programs like we do here.  They are allotted a few bags of rice per month and that’s it!  Pastor John has a small church and fishes for three months out of the year to make ends meet.  One (1) meal a day is the rule which usually is rice and a few vegetables.  Besides the needs of these precious boys and girls John and Hepshiba also take care of as many widows that they can.

My wife and I along with a couple of our daughters and grandchildren were introduced to Hepshiba and her loving ministry about 2 years ago.  A few friends and family have joined with us to send monthly support staring at the end of last year.  It has made a difference in the lives of these children and widows, but has also made a huge impact on our lives.

Right now the children walk 6 miles to school each day.  (School started June 17th.)  They have no shoes and the ground is hard on there feet.  Much of the school supplies that are needed have to be bought, but the funds just aren’t there.  Most of the support we send goes toward food and medicine.  A pair of sturdy shoes cost $10.00 and school supplies are a few dollars less.  I am hoping that a few of the readers will find it in their hearts to help us buy some shoes and much needed supplies for these kids, and bring some relief to the needs of these less fortunate ones.  If you can help or need any more information, my address is Mike Ansel 2888 Sharon Dr. Monroe, Mi. 48162.  Thanks


Back Home From Chicago

Tuesday, June 18th, 2013

Chicago trip June 2013 003Chicago trip June 2013 007We are finally back from our 10 day trip to Grayslake Illinois visiting our daughter and her family.  My wife and I took a bus out of Ann Arbor this time and it was the best $56.00 dollars I ever spent.  Just $23.00 bucks apiece, and we left the headache of traffic to the bus driver.  We were at Union Station in under 5 hours with none of the hassles of getting there!

Meghan, Mark, and Logan picked us up in downtown Chicago, and we were driven to the zoo.  We saw lions, and tigers, and bears – “Oh my!”  Not to mention rhinos, polar bears, giraffes, gazelles. seals, and a ton of other animals, birds, and plants.  I was pretty tired after we finally pulled into Meghan’s driveway.

We rode bikes, took short hikes, went to the park, and enjoyed Meghan’s home cooking.  She is an awesome cook!  We also ate at a Jewish restaurant, ordered pizza one night,  and went to a really nice café in Grayslake with Marks mom and dad.  (Barbara and Irv)

In between I painted Logan’s bathroom and watched golf, hockey, and baseball.  I don’t know about you, but good old “Papa Grande” has wore out his welcome with me.  I bet Verlander isn’t to happy with him either!  What happened to the good old days of pitching a full nine innings when you have the game under control?  Oh well that’s why Jim Leland makes the big bucks.  Even though we were in Chicago we were all pulling for Boston to win the Stanley Cup.  Both sides of the family have relatives in Boston, and they deserve something good to happen in that city.


Chicago Report

Thursday, June 13th, 2013

Well we survived the turbulent Chicago weather last evening, as wind, rain, and thunderstorms moved through the area.  Actually the stronger storms seemed to stay north and south of where we’re at (Grayslake.)  From talking to family back in Monroe it was much the same for them.  At least Meghan now has a basement to seek refuge in when the tornado sirens go off.  It’s a little windy today, but the sun is shining and the sky’s are blue!

I can’t post any pictures with being in Chicago, so will have to do that when we get home.  We’ve been to the zoo in downtown Chicago, taken several bike rides around the savanna’s, and eaten Meghan’s excellent cooking.  I’m painting one of her upstairs bathrooms, and we’ve been watching Logan while Meghan finishes up her work at school.

We watched the hockey game last night, and what a thriller it was.  We can’t believe Chicago pulled that one out!  Mark and Logan are pulling for Boston, but they don’t want their Chicago friends to know it.  They have family in Boston and so do we.  Hopefully Boston can even the score Saturday!

Will try and catch up with the current news from the DNR with the wolf situation and where the delisting proposal is headed.  We noticed that the savanna’s have signs posted about being aware of the coyotes prowling about.  Meghan and Mark have heard their “howling” in the evening from their back deck!  I think that’s kind of cool-“the call of the wild.”


Fun Times on the AuSable

Saturday, June 8th, 2013

memorial day cabin 059What a difference a year makes!  Last year my whole family (minus 1 daughter) were at the cabin over Memorial day.  It was hot and we kayaked, tubed, and rafted the AuSable river.  That’s my son Micah and his wife Heather in the kayaks.  This year not a one of them came north for the holiday, so we asked our friends Ed and Linda to go along with us.  There was no floating down the river this year.  In fact we had two nights where it got below 32 degrees, and that’s not warm enough for me to risk a cold river plunge!

Dunham’s just had a sale on their kayaks and I bought 2 of the Sundolphin Aruba’s for the camp.  I’ve only been kayaking for two years, but I really enjoy being able to maneuver around tree limbs and rocks, or even paddle upstream.  I haven’t tried fishing out of one yet, but that’s on my agenda.

Things are supposed to change over the 4th. of July holidays, as most of the kids and grandkids will be able to come north for the festivities.  Hopefully we’ll be having some warm summer weather by then!  Campfires, four wheeling, fishing, and tubing are all planned for our time together.  If I have time I’m going to try and install a “zip-line” and a rock climbing wall to keep the kids from being “bored!” Can’t wait to have the opportunity to be with my loved ones as we enjoy the great outdoors day cabin 048


New Spring Arrival

Wednesday, June 5th, 2013

2013-05-24 19.57.02.jpgA friend of mine just recently took this picture of a newborn fawn.  Looks like this babies mother knew what she was doing as this little guy is laying on a pile of oak leaves and acorns are all around him/her.  Mother doesn’t have to travel far for a “bite to eat!”  These newborns do not carry any scent and are camouflaged for survival of the species.  Otherwise coyotes and wolves would have a smorgasbord at their disposal.

There are many signs of new life in the woods and around the lakes, rivers, and ponds.  I love spring, as it seems  life unfolds before your eyes, and nature seems to burst with vibrancy and a fresh beginning.  Get out there and walk the trails and you’ll no doubt see some sights that you certainly won’t see from your rocking chair!