Chicago Report

Well we survived the turbulent Chicago weather last evening, as wind, rain, and thunderstorms moved through the area.  Actually the stronger storms seemed to stay north and south of where we’re at (Grayslake.)  From talking to family back in Monroe it was much the same for them.  At least Meghan now has a basement to seek refuge in when the tornado sirens go off.  It’s a little windy today, but the sun is shining and the sky’s are blue!

I can’t post any pictures with being in Chicago, so will have to do that when we get home.  We’ve been to the zoo in downtown Chicago, taken several bike rides around the savanna’s, and eaten Meghan’s excellent cooking.  I’m painting one of her upstairs bathrooms, and we’ve been watching Logan while Meghan finishes up her work at school.

We watched the hockey game last night, and what a thriller it was.  We can’t believe Chicago pulled that one out!  Mark and Logan are pulling for Boston, but they don’t want their Chicago friends to know it.  They have family in Boston and so do we.  Hopefully Boston can even the score Saturday!

Will try and catch up with the current news from the DNR with the wolf situation and where the delisting proposal is headed.  We noticed that the savanna’s have signs posted about being aware of the coyotes prowling about.  Meghan and Mark have heard their “howling” in the evening from their back deck!  I think that’s kind of cool-“the call of the wild.”


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  1. Hepshiba Victor says:

    Its so good to know how nice your Chicago trip is going for you and sister Lorna. We hope you have even more great time together your lovely daughter and her family. It surely should be of great joy. It really made us so happy to read all your report regarding this trip and the places you visit. When you return back, please send pictures. We would love to see them all. We are in prayers for you all and please do convey our heartfelt love to sis. Lorna and to Meghan, Mark and Logan too. We love you. yours, Hepshiba.