Fishing Michigan

Cabin July 4th 2013 017Cabin July 4th 2013 009Michigan’s lakes and rivers offer fishing opportunities to all who venture to cast a line no matter how young, or old you may be.  While at the cabin a few weeks ago grandson Kyle, his dad Glen, and myself had a chance to fish the Mio pond and East Twin Lake.  We didn’t exactly “slaughter” the fish, but action was good enough to keep us from  getting bored!

Kyle is shown with his dad as he holds a small pike he reeled in while fishing the Mio Pond.  They also caught a few small pan fish, and returned everything to the water.  Next day we went into Lewiston and put Glens boat in East Twin Lake.  We had never fished here before, so it was a trial and error expedition.  The fishing was spotty as we caught perch in one location and sunfish and bluegill in another.  We brought home 15 fish which are now in the freezer waiting for a few more to be added to them.  We are all looking forward to a fish dinner in the near future.

There’s nothing like seeing the excitement and joy on a kids face when they “battle” a lunker and get em in the boat.  All my grandkids have been fishing with me except the youngest (Brady) but I hope to get him out soon.  The girls love it as much as the boys.  I just have to put the worms on their hook and there good to go!  Take a kid fishing this summer!  You’ll enjoy it and they’ll never forget it.

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