Cheers For The Clawson Trojans

Clawson Nadia Mindy 013Clawson Nadia Mindy 014Our oldest grand-daughter Nadia has been on the Clawson cheerleading squad for the last several years.  She’s a senior this year and we traveled to Clawson to see the Trojans win their second straight game.  Nadia also is on the competitive cheering squad, and because of her “light” weight she is one of the teams “fliers!” That means she get lifted off the ground by her team mates (sometimes three high!)  Grandma and Grandpa get a bit nervous, but Nadia is good at what she does, and so are her fellow cheer leaders.

What a great evening for sitting in the bleachers with family and friends.  We were treated to a good football game with plenty of excitement and a few surprises.  One of those being Clawson’s extra point and field goal kicker.  She’s about 100 pounds of no nonsense kicking machine.  Last night she had a field goal and 4 extra points.  The only miss she had was due to a bad snap from the center.  Sure would of never seen anything like that in my football playing days!

It was crisp and cool as the sun went down, but we were smart enough to bring blankets and jackets.  We warmed up after the game with a few boxes of pizza and a banana crème pie.  There goes the diet again.  Can’t wait for her next home game so we can do it again.


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