Giant Python Found in Florida

python 001Giant snakes swallowing a whole deer, or even attempting to kill and swallow alligators?  Sounds like science fiction or some kind of “horror” movie except for one thing it’s real, and happening now in Florida!  It’s only a matter of time before a child or some other hapless human being ends up in one of these Burmese Pythons belly!

The Burmese Python is native to Southeast Asia and can grow to 20 foot in length and weigh over 200 pounds.  Pet owners in Florida are to blame for the 150,000 thousand snakes slithering through the state of Florida and in particular the Everglades!  Once the snakes get to big and hard to handle the pet owners have been releasing them into the wild.  The Florida climate is to the snakes liking and natural predators are few and far between.  The snakes are growing to Southeast Asia proportions.

Just recently Bobby Hill was checking a dyke not far from Miami when he spotted a huge snake basking in the sun.  This was no ordinary garden snake, but a huge Python measuring over 18 feet!  Bobby dispatched the snake and sent it to the University of Florida for official measurement and studies. These big snakes eat indigenous species and could totally alter the Everglades ecosystem in a matter of years.  The fact that several Burmese Pythons measuring over 16 feet long have been captured and killed shows that these reptiles are eating hardy and growing fast.  If some sort of plan to eradicate this invasive species isn’t implemented soon it may be to late to save the Everglades as we now know it!

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