Calif. Sen. Leland Lee – Democrat Hypocrite

Senator Leland Yee of California is one of the Democrats most outspoken spokesmen when it comes to gun control.  In fact he has two (2) bills before the California assembly (SB47 and SB108) which are aimed at more gun control legislation.  Next to Senator Dianne Feinstein he may well be one of the most outspoken critics for gun control!

How utterly ironic is it that Senator Yee has been charged in a federal gun trafficking case.  Gun control groups are in a panic, as they scramble to find a new champion for their cause.  Paul Song, executive chairman of Courage Campaign, a non-profit advocacy group said “what were really worried about is that this will further destroy the momentum for gun control here in California!”  Duh!  I would sure think so!  Yee was arrested and later freed on bond Wednesday as federal authorities unsealed charges against 26 defendants, including Keith Jackson, Yee’s campaign aide.

Jackson a former San Francisco school board president, did not enter a plea Wednesday as the FBI accused him of being involved in a murder for hire scheme and trafficking guns and drugs.

Court documents allege that Yee sought campaign donations in exchange for introducing an undercover FBI agent to an arms trafficker.  Yee talked about being able to acquire weapons including shoulder fired missiles for a tidy sum of $500,000.00-$2.5 million dollars!  Supposedly he had contacts with a Muslim separatist group in the Philippines.  Take about a trader.  “If these allegations are true, Senator Yee is easily the biggest hypocrite on gun control to walk the halls of the Capital in Sacramento, if not the entire United States,” the citizens for the right to Keep and Bear Arms said on its website.  Sam Paredes from Gun Owners of California said “Denying law abiding citizens semi-automatic firearms… and then funneling guns for illegal activity is the height of hypocrisy.”  As far as I’m concerned it’s more than that; can you say “TREASON!”

It will be interesting to see just what effects these arrest have on stalling the gun control lobby.  Sure hope it slows them down for a long time!


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