“Call of the Wild” Predator Round Up Luzerne Michigan

coyote luzerne 002coyote luzerne 001Just a few weeks ago the “Call of the Wild” Predator Round Up was held near our cabin in Luzerne Michigan.  The hunt began at 7:00 p.m. Friday night and ran till 12 noon Sunday.  Seventy three (73) hunters signed up comprising 33 different teams.  Several teams used coyote dogs and others worked various “sets” while calling.  The hunters with the dogs had the advantage, but the first “yote” turned in was by a father and son team who called the 29.7 pound female within range of a flat shooting 223.

A friend of mine Ken Currie (pictured) had a group of guys hunting Gary Prices property, but the deep snow kept these “old timers” at bay!  Ken said they didn’t get any coyotes, but they had a good time trying, and that’s what it’s all about. Ken did take a nice coyote during bow season last year and has the hide hanging at his camp.

Ma Deeters (local bar/restaurant) was the starting point of the hunt, and the Best Hardware store was where the successful hunters displayed their success.  There were around $1700.00 dollars in prizes with anyone bringing in a tagged coyote receiving a $1000.00 dollar bonus.  Knight and Hale (game calls) donated many of the prizes handed out.  First coyote, biggest, (41 pounds) ugliest, and longest awards were all given out at the culmination of the hunt.  Two of the dog teams garnered most of the awards.

On Sunday afternoon there were eleven (11) coyote and one fox hanging on the game pole at the hardware store.  There was an additional prize to any team that brought in the “trifecta” of predator hunting (a coyote, fox, and bobcat.)  No one collected that award this year, but one team came close.

The snow was deep, the wind had a bite, and conditions favored the coyotes, but according to the grins and stories it was a successful “Round Up!”   I was hoping that some of these “yotes” would be taken around my place, as they are becoming quite brazen in the area.  They keep hunting closer to the cabin and on occasion we have heard them actually down the unfortunate animal they were pursuing!  No doubt they take a fair share of deer, turkeys, and rabbits wherever they are found.  Hope they have more of these events in the future.


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  1. David Forjan says:

    Can I quote from this post for a story I’m doing on killing contests?
    Please advise.

  2. mikewansel says:

    A killing contest may work with your propaganda, but that is not what it was! As a hunter and conservationist your anti hunting point of view would not be prudent for me to ok a quote you no doubt will take out of context. I do not give my permission to abuse the content of my post, but thanks for asking.