Can We Stop Rootin, Tootin, Putin From Shootin?

Putin 003Putin 004President Barack Obama has once again threatened Russian Bad Boy Vladimir Putin with “cost” if he continued his takeover of the Crimea Region. Putin is not your typical schoolyard “bully!”  He’s not afraid to “mix it up” with anyone who may stand in the way of his plans, and he sure isn’t impressed with the United States “weak” threat of sanctions and isolation!  In fact I think he thrives on the attention, and enjoys flexing his muscle’s in the face of such former world powers, as the United States.  Got to admit we are only a shell of the country we were when President Ronald Reagan famously demanded “Mr. Gorbachev tear that wall down!”

I don’t think our posturing and threats scare anyone anymore, and in particular secretive countries like Russia.  The news media here broadcast ever minute detail of our defense, infrastructure, politics, and economy because they can!  I don’t think it’s such a bright idea, and neither does the Russian leadership.  “The old saying “Keep your friends close, and  your enemies closer” doesn’t apply to Mr. Putin.  He’s a former KGB officer and is not about to be “sliced and diced” by the neighborhood activist Barack Obama or his cohorts!  We don’t know a heck of a lot about Russia’s military might, but if you think that Mr. Putin would truly honor any unilateral arms treaty, then I have a bridge to sell you.  Just a couple days ago a Russian corespondent said that Russia is the only country that could turn the United States into a pile of ashes.  They get threatened with sanctions (not scary) and we get threatened with oblivion (scary!)  In football terms it seems our offense can not match Russia’s defense.  Putin is heavy handed, cold, and calculating! He’s a cool hand Luke when it comes to international issues, and has the gonad’s to back up his tough talk.

Putin has gobbled up the Crimea and gave a fiery speech on Tuesday which seemed to turn the clock back toward the Cold War era.  This has forced the Obama administration into a new phase of “punishment.”  In all of this our allies in Europe are “shaky” at best, and Russia’s past history shows the Russians to be quite resilient to isolation and deprivation!  It really looks like Putin has rallied the troops with support from the majority of Russians and Crimean’s.  Of course the big question is “How does the rest of the Ukraine play into this scenario?”  A what point will Putin start shootin?”

Even if Europe falls in line with sanctions toward Russia there are enough countries in the Middle East, and even China that would no doubt take up the slack on Russia’s behalf!  European defense budgets have been slashed over the years as NATO was supposed to take up the slack.  President Obama has been calling for cuts to the Pentagon and the military which has strong support among the Democrats in Congress.  Plans for a missile defense interceptor system in Poland and the Czech Republic were scrapped some time ago, but may get put back on the table, if it’s not already to late to stop “Rootin, Tootin, Putin from shooting!”


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