Michigan’s Pothole Problem

shower-pothole 006potholes 003Just this morning we received a phone call from our grandson Quinn, who was headed back to Michigan Tech. in Houghton.  He had only made it as far as Gaylord and had a tire blow on his 2013 Ford.  He had to be towed and a new tire cost him $130.00 which he sure didn’t have!  He thinks he hit so many potholes while visiting here in Monroe that they damaged the tire.  No doubt that’s exactly what happened!

The roads all over Michigan are in the saddest shape I can ever recall, and it’s only going to get worse.  Will still have rain, freezing rain, snow, and the Spring thaw to contend with.  The main road by our house (Reinhardt) is so full of tire eating rim busting holes that it’s dangerous to drive very far down the road!  Dodging the really big craters is a challenge, especially when oncoming traffic approaches!  In some spots it’s actually better to steer your car off the road surface completely, to avoid being swallowed alive.

About once a week our county road commission shows up with their truck load of “cold patch!”  What an exercise in futility that is!  Cold patch is shoveled into these “angry dark holes” only to be pushed out by the cars that are used to “tamp” them down.  Many holes are full of water, which I don’t think is a very good bonding agent, but filled they are!  Like I said it would almost be funny if it wasn’t for the fact that it’s so frustrating trying to find 100 yards of good drive-able road in Monroe County.  Even Governor Rick Snyder said a long term fix is needed, not just emergency repairs.  Because of the brutal winter the House Appropriations Committee has passed a supplemental bill designating 212 million dollars toward road repair.  In reality that figure will not go very far in the hopes of having roads better than those found in Beirut Lebanon.  Snyder has been calling on lawmakers for the last two years to raise the gas tax and registration fees in order to raise 1.2 billion for roads and bridges.

The Michigan Department of Transportation has a claims process for people who have had pothole related car repairs.  Of course their are numerous restrictions, leaving very few drivers eligible for any type of reimbursement!

As bad as it is now, we Michiganders know from past experience that the worst is yet to come.  So slow down and diligently scan the road before you, or a hungry pothole will eat your tire for breakfast!


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  1. Hepshiba says:

    Same problem with our roads too but our government takes action only once in five years and within months time all the roads turn into bad and many accidents happen, vehicles become so bad and tires usually come to an end before their expiry date. I thought this was the problem only in India.
    Love you brother.