Turkey’s Birds and Mushrooms!

Daddy Daughter Dance 005Things have sure been “slow” in the turkey woods this year.  don’t know if it’s because of the long cold winter or not, but the birds have been very elusive so far.  A few years ago the Ansel men and women were able to bag 8 tom’s.  So far this year only brother Darryl and his boy Derek have had any luck.  Darryl shot a nice bird with a 9 inch beard and Derek dropped one with a 10-1/2 inch beard.  I’ve had the grand-kids out a few times but we aren’t having much success with drawing birds in.  So far I’m getting much of the same reports from all over the state.  Maybe the late season hunt will be the best of the three periods.

On this blog I’m posting a picture of a bird that has been coming into our back yard feeder.  We have a couple different “bird books” but can’t seem to positively identify this bird.  Half looks like a sparrow and half look like some kind of wren.  Hope you “birders” out there can help us out.

Went looking for Morel mushrooms yesterday, but it must be to early yet.  Seems like Mothers day is always a good time to find them and maybe after today’s heat wave (90) degrees they’ll start popping up.  I’m looking forward to a nice big venison steak covered in mushrooms.


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