Brown Bear Brown Bear What Do You See?

It would seem that to some brown bears the answer to the question “Brown bear brown bear what do you see,” is “I see a meal looking at me!”  The reason I say that is there was yet another brown bear attack in Alaska recently.  According to Alaska State Troopers Andre Siegenthaler suffered serious injuries Tuesday near the village of Slana.  The location is 250 miles northeast of Anchorage and 100 miles west of the Canadian border.  Siegenthaler was reported to be in stable condition at the Wasilla hospital.

According to Ed Bullock (a neighbor) Andre (66 years old) was on his way to pick up some nails from Mr. Bullock when the bear attacked. There was no provocation as the attack happened without warning.  Andre was carrying bear repellent, but the attack happened so fast he didn’t have time to use it.  Despite their size brown bears are very fast, and can reach speeds up to 30 miles an hour.  Adult brown bears (500-800 pounds) are the top of the food chain predators, and have killed and consumed humans on occasion.  The worlds largest brown bears are found in coastal British Columbia and the Kodiak Islands in Alaska.  Bears can go well over 1000 pounds in these areas.

Andre suffered bites to his right hip, both shoulders and arms, and had damage to both cheeks and an ear.  Talk about being “in your face!” After the attack Andre walked approximately 900 yards back to his house where his wife called 911 which called in transport to the hospital.  As of this posting there were no plans to try and locate the attacker.  I guess Andre will have to be a little faster on the draw (bear spray or a 44 magnum) next time he decides to walk to his buddy Ed’s house!


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