Michigan’s Wolf Survey

wolfcoyote 001The Michigan department of Natural Resources has just completed it’s annual study of the states wolf population. DNR biologist estimate that there were a minimum of 636 wolves in Michigan this winter which is down from the estimate of 658 for last winter, but the numbers are stable and no cause for concern according to the DNR.

Last fall Michigan’s first wolf hunt was held with a target of 43 wolves to be harvested.  Only 22 were taken in areas where their are various conflicts and issues with farm animals and pets!  Michigan’s population of wolves has stayed between 600-700 for the last several years, which indicates a leveling off of the population due to the lands carrying capacity.

I personally have seen three wolves while driving and hunting in the Upper Peninsula.  The first was spotted crossing the road in the Seney Wildlife Refuge.  Another was spotted while deer hunting in Crystal Falls several years ago, along with sighting many wolf tracks.  The last was just a few years ago while bear hunting in Marquette.  There has definitely been a pack hanging around our bear hunting camp.  They have been known to get into our bear bait.  A pure black wolf has been spotted on several occasions, and what a majestic sight it is to see these “top of the food chain” predators!


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