Backyard Bucks

baby Jeremiah and big buck 013It’s hard to believe that we are entering the last few days of July.  It seems that summer just started, but August is just around the corner.  September is just around the corner which brings Michigan’s bear season and the special deer hunts for youth and the disabled/veterans!  Wow October bow season is right behind.

I have a friend that recently showed me a picture of a buck in his back yard.  It’s a 12 pointer that I would guess score around 160-170.  A beauty to be sure.  Funny thing is he lives in an upscale neighborhood with no public or wild lands nearby.  Evidently these deer find suburbia quite a nice place to live and hang out!

One of my son-in-laws also showed me a buck he caught on his backyard trailcam.  He has split G-2’s and may be actually growing more points under all that massive velvet.  This is another example of a trophy buck in the making.  He just hopes the big bruiser is still in the area come October first.

It amazes me that although hundreds of thousands of deer are harvested each year in Michigan, yet they are always replaced by a new crop of bucks bigger and better than the previous year.  Good news for the guys and gals that like venison or a good looking trophy for over the fireplace.


6 Responses to “Backyard Bucks”

  1. John Russell says:

    This is a great blog Mike. It amazes me as well how the bucks get bigger and better every year too. I get shown stunning photos right from people’s backyards on a regular basis. I’ve even gotten a couple from within cities! I’ll keep my fingers crossed for him regarding Oct 1!

  2. Allan Smith says:

    Thats a beauty alright! Those trail cameras can be great when it comes to capturing some great picturies and I am amazed by the sizes of some of those bucks I see, I mean what do they feed them down there! I hope you hada good hunting season and thanks for a great blog.


  3. Jason says:

    This a fine short article Mike! I agree that bucks are getting bigger and better every year, however the regulations on hunting them down and increased licensing costs make it quite difficult for a common man to hunt a lot of them nowadays.

  4. Scott Man says:

    With the best trail camera and the bucks get bigger and better every year, you will get more quality picture. It will help you more on hunting. Hope you have a good hunting season.

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  6. Paul Hood says:

    Looks great, Mike. I thought I was the only one to think every year new crop of bucks are bigger. Haha.