Don’t Ignore Insect/Spider Bites! They Can Cause Problems!

For more than a week I have had cramps, muscle spasms, fatigue, loss of appetite, low grade fever, and no energy!  I went to a clinic last Friday and to see my family doctor today.  Blood work was done, an EKG given, oxygen levels checked along with lung function and various other test. Nothing conclusive, but there is some evidence that a spider or possibly a infected tick is responsible.

On July 1st. I was cutting my grass with a ride on lawn mower and went under a thickly branched pine tree.  I thought I scraped my leg on one of the numerous pine branches, but later that evening my thigh really started to “burn” and pain!  When I took my shorts off I discovered 7 welts (bites) in a circle on my leg.  It was swollen and red and hurt like crazy!  I still thought I ran into a broken branch until the 7 scratches formed a head like a bite mark.  Well it bothered me for two weeks with pain going from the bite area down my left leg to my ankle.  I put neosporin on it and waited for it to go away.Well here I am a month later and the bite marks are still visible, and I have an infection in my body effecting my nerves and muscles.  The Doctor has me on an capsule called Doxycycline which is good for fighting almost 99% of this type of infection including Lyme disease.  I have to lay low for awhile and forget golf, yard work, or trips north.  Lay around, get some rest, and release some stress.  Hopefully I’ll be a good patient and follow the Dr. orders for once!

I know someone who woks in a pharmacy and they said people seeking treatment for spider bites is abnormally high this year.  So don’t ignore a red, swollen, painful bite, but get it checked out while there is time to catch the infection before it catches you!


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