Bear Baiting Secrets Revealed!

Bait, Mindy's, Jeremiah 001Bait, Mindy's, Jeremiah 002Bait, Mindy's, Jeremiah 004Bait, Mindy's, Jeremiah 005Just about packed and ready to leave for Marquette on a bear hunt.  The Ansel clan and a few of their friends have taken over 40 bears since their first hunt in 1973.  Due to Michigan’s lottery system (drawing for bear licenses) we don’t get the opportunity to hunt them like we used to.  In fact we hardly ever get 2 licenses out of the 10 we apply for.  We have kids and grandkids hunting now.

Over the years we have used tons of meat scraps, fish, and sweet stuff from local bakeries and doughnut shops.  Some have their own concoctions they swear works like magic (like honey,) or oats and molasses, and other secret ingredients.  Well I have had a bear bait of my own that has worked wonders for me in the past and since I’m getting toward the end of my bear hunting days I’m going to share it with you.

First buy a 50 pound bag (or a hundred) of cheap dog food.  (about $20.00)  Then pop up a grocery bag of popcorn.  Get a big plastic tub and mix the dog food and the popcorn.  Buy 5-6 packs of marshmallows (preferably the smaller ones, as they melt better.)  I heat mine with my propane fish fryer set up, using an old pot that I can throw away if need be!  Stir and melt the marshmallows.  Now I add honey residue (my son-in-law has bee hives) and let it blend in with the melted marshmallows.  Pour in a couple bottles of syrup, and add a couple boxes of jello to help firm things up.  You can then be creative and add sugar or any other ingredient that has a good smell to it.

Once everything is stirred into the “melting pot” pour it over the dog food and popcorn.  Stir it in good then compact it as tight as you can.  Once it cools down it has the consistency of a huge popcorn ball!  It’s sticky, has to be broken off in pieces, and will be carried along the bear trail as it’s stuck to the fur on their paws.  This helps attract other bears in the area.

It will be a least a week before I report on my bear trip, so please tune in around Sept. 29 to see what happened.


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