Largemouth In The Backyard!

Milford Fishing! 011Milford Fishing! 023Milford Fishing! 032Milford Fishing! 028It has been years since I have been able to enjoy the type of fishing day I happened to enjoy this past Friday evening and Saturday morning.  In fact it was in Florida several years ago and several hundred dollars ago that I was able to land quite a few nice largemouths.

One of my daughters just moved and she has several hundred foot of frontage on a 30 acre pond.  My wife and I were going to help her unpack, but I figured I’d take a fishing pole along and give that pond a try.  I was able to break away around 6 o’clock and try to find out if this little pond held any fish?  A storm was brewing in the west and headed our way, so my time would be limited.  I was able to dig up only one worm, put him on a hook and attached a bobber 4 foot up the line.  It didn’t take long and the bobber went under and I had my first sunfish.  My grandson had left his pole by the beach which had a huge hook on it!  I slid the hook through the sunfish just below the backbone and in front of the dorsal fin.  I put a large bobber on and cast into the wind as far as i could!  It didn’t take long and a nice sized largemouth took the offering.  I put him in a bucket of water, used the same sunfish, and reeled in another nice bass.  I had a few pictures taken by my grandson just as the sky’s opened up and started dumping buckets of rain on us.  I quickly released the bass back in the pond and hi-tailed it for the house.  It was quite a windy, rainy, nasty night to say the least!

Next morning I bought a can of worms and another can of night crawlers.  Around 10 a.m. I was back at trying to catch some “bait fish” with the help of my grand-daughter.  One pole for sunfish and one pole for bass.  I caught five more bass in about 1 hour and 15 minutes, with the biggest one going around 6-1/2 pounds!  I never caught one that big in Florida!  I had brought a plastic tub with me and filled it with water to keep my “trophies” alive until I released them back to the clear water they called home.  It’s amazing how big of a sunfish that a largemouth will “take on !”

Can’t wait to get back at the pond and give it another go.  Next time I’ll take one of my good poles and not the one that the bale doesn’t work on.  I missed two chances to land big bass because of that darn pole, but that won’t happen again.  Just goes to show you that you don’t have to spend a fortune or go far out of your way to enjoy great fishing.  It really can be found in your own back yard!

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