Michigan’s Wolf Hunt Cancelled!

Recently I wrote a blog about wolves in the Upper Peninsula preying on dogs and cattle.  In fact over the last several years one farmer has lost over a hundred head of cattle to wolf depredation!  Many hunters say the deer numbers are down, and they all say the growing population of wolves is to blame.  Various hunters, who use dogs to hunt with, are becoming a little nervous letting their “prize” pooches run the fields and woods for fear of running into a wolf pack. Hunting dogs are no match for a wolf!

Well now it seems our own DNR has no authority to proclaim a hunting season on wolves even though the measure was passed by the Michigan Legislature just a couple months ago!  Officials with Michigan’s Natural Resources Commission have confirmed there won’t be a wolf hunt in Michigan this year. Commissioner John Matonich said Thursday at a meeting in Lansing that the commission lacks the authority to set another wolf hunt.

Presently there are two ballot initiatives sought to repeal legislation making the wolf a game species.  Also these initiatives are seeking to repeal the 7 member panels authority (appointed by the governor) to make such decisions!  On the other hand there is a third citizen initiated measure that would override these two referendums and back a wolf hunt that was approved by lawmakers in July.  Problem is this will not take effect until March well after the wolf hunt would have taken place.

Right now Matonich has asked the DNR to review its wolf management plan and update it’s statistics concerning wolf depredation on cattle and dogs. Sometimes you just wonder who’s running the show here in Michigan!!  I know several hunters and outdoorsmen in the Upper Peninsula and they are not happy with this sudden change of direction, or should I say confusing directions?


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