Alaska Brown Bear Mauls Deer Hunter!

bear 2014 004Just a few days ago an Alaska Brown Bear (sow) attacked two hunters as they stopped for lunch, after shooting a deer.  The men were 68 year old Michael Snowden and 38 year old Jeff Ostrin.

The pair were hunting on the east side of Sally Island in Uganik Bay, near Kodiak Island.  They had harvested a deer in the late morning.  The deer was gutted and the hunters decided to get away from the smell of the gut pile, so they started to drag the deer downhill toward the beach.  The terrain was very thick as they maneuvered their way through the dense thicket they found a small opening where they decided to eat a little lunch.  They did not drag the deer carcass into the clearing with them.  Moments after taking a few bites for lunch they heard brush breaking around them.  Because it was so dense they could not see the bear who had zeroed in on them.  Both men grabbed their rifles and chambered a round.

The adult female bear burst through the undergrowth and grabbed Snowden taking him to the ground.  Ostrin had to wait for a shot that would not hit his partner, and had to shoot the bear in the rump, from 10 foot away!  The bear backed away and Ostrin then shot it in the chest.  The bear and Snowden then rolled down the hill.  Ostrin  ran to his friend to check on his condition.  The bear moved and was shot again killing it.

Jeff Ostrin then went back uphill to retrieve a radio and backpacks, and attempted to call the Captain of the waiting vessel the Mary J. After reporting to the Captain another bear came through the brush, and Snowdon shot it twice with his 454 revolver.  The second bear was a 2-3 year old cub of the attacking sow.

A five man crew from the boat came ashore and assessed the situation.  Michael Snowden had several wounds that went to the bone, and it was decided to call in a Coast Guard Helicopter.  He was airlifted to Providence Hospital in Kodiak where he was in stable condition.

The deer and all the supplies were retrieved from the area by the ships crew.  Another bear was spotted by the Coast Guard, and it was determined it was another 2-3 year old cub.  Alaska Wildlife Troopers helped in the rescue efforts.  Due to the rugged terrain, dense vegetation, and likelihood of another bear in the area the two dispatched bears were left, and the skull and claws would be retrieved at a latter date.  No charges were filed against the two hunters. Jeff Ostrin was hailed as hero due to his actions in saving his hunting partner.



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