My Grandsons First Deer

kyles deer and turkey 015kyles deer and turkey 021Michigan’s “Youth Mentor Hunting Program” has been a wonderful way to get the younger ones involved in Michigan’s great outdoors.  Ever since it’s inception I have been hunting with 3 of my grandkids. We have yet to be successful concerning meat on the table, but that all changed this past weekend.

Grandson Kyle has been with me on several outings for both turkey and deer.  We have shivered in a blind, walked to stands in the pitch dark, rattled, called, gobbled, and yelped our way in and out of the woods on many occasions.  Seen deer and turkey’s, but nothing that would allow Kyle to get a shot.  We came close one time, but “no backstraps!”

Saturday while Kyle’s mom, dad, and grandma shopped in Gaylord we were having the time of our lives.  We were deer hunting, but as fate would have it three turkeys walked past our blind.  They had no clue we were there, and Kyle’s license allows him a turkey tag for any open area of the state.  We had a good rest for my Barnett predator crossbow, and I judged the yardage at 35 yards. We picked the bigger of the three as our target.  I told Kyle to put the sight on the base of his neck and slowly pull the trigger.  As soon as he touched of the shot feathers flew and the turkey’s ran!  One was not keeping up with the other two and soon just stopped.  We left the blind and upon our approach the turkey ran (half flew) to find his buddies.  He quickly came back to the ground and ran for cover.  We found him in a fallen over maple and Kyle had his first ever tag filled.

We were running late and had to make it to my favorite evening hunting spot where I have a large heated ground blind.  It was cold and windy and very late when we entered the blind.  We set the crossbow up in one of the windows looking over my rye and turnip food plot.  Only twenty minutes passed when a young doe entered our field of vision.  We waited for that perfect broad-side shot.  I told Kyle to aim a little high, as it was around a 40 yard shot.  I said shoot when your ready. Crossbows are not known for being quiet, but they are “fast!”  We did not see where the arrow went, but it was a clean miss, as the deer made a circle and came right back.  In the meantime I’m trying to cock the bow and find another arrow while not giving us away.  Kyle gets set and fires again.  Same results!  I can’t believe it!  Talk about disappointed!  Well low and behold that darn deer circles again and comes right back.  Now I am scrambling as I only have one arrow left, and the o-ring that hold the blades in place is missing.  I cock and reload with my last arrow and tell Kyle to put the pin right on the doe’s back.  He fires and we hear the unmistakable “whack” from a direct hit!

It is impossible to see a crossbow “bolt” flying through the air, but we had good red blood at the point of impact.  I let Kyle do most of the tracking, and gave him pointers when he needed them.  The deer went about 100 yards and piled up from a double “leg” shot!  That’s right!  The bolt went through the right leg, brisket, and exited the left leg,  There are major arteries going down both legs and the deer bled out in a hurry.  We had misjudged the distance, which made Kyle shoot lower.  Didn’t matter at this point as we were slapping high fives, and acting like two ten year olds.  What a moment for grandpa and his grandson!  Kyle drug his prize for part of the way, and I helped him get the doe to my 4-wheeler trail.

Kyle had quite a story to tell his mom, dad, and grandma when they arrived back at camp.  It is good to make memories with our loved ones that they can cherish all their days, and what a day of memories we just made!


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  1. Phillip says:

    Congrats to Kyle, and to you for helping him find success!