Michigan Spring Turkey Season Coming Up

late snow- turkey hunt 018Jay-Birds bird 004kyles deer and turkey 015What a great opportunity to take your kids or grandkids on a Spring turkey hunt.  Michigan’s “Youth Mentor” program along with it’s “Apprentice” program opens the door for a great way to introduce the “younger set” to hunting in Michigan.

Some of my fondest memories from my youth are those days spent afield with my dad.  Not just fond memories, but great memories.  Those days are long gone, but I can sort of relive the past with my grandkids.  I have taken Kyle, Jacob, and Ava on the mentored youth hunt, and last year was able to get Kyle his first bird.  What a thrill that was, and I’m sure it’s something he will never forget.  This year we have to go with the “apprentice license” as they keep getting older on me.  I did receive my permit in the mail last week for my area around the cabin.  We saw many turkeys in the area last year, and were able to put a couple of them in the freezer, and I’m hoping one of the grandkids pulls it off this year.

We use a pop-up ground blind, which does not seem to bother a turkey like it does a deer.  I’ve actually set one up (one day) and shot a turkey on the next mornings hunt!  Hard to do that with a deer.  A pop-up allows some extra movement that normally would not be tolerated in other blind set-ups.  As everyone knows kids tend to do a little more moving when waiting for the “big moment” to happen!  You can also do some “low voice” talking (coaching) when the moment of truth starts strutting into your field of view.

Anyway the snow is melting rapidly, the temperatures are rising, and the “birds of April” are getting ready to fall in love again!  All we can hope for is that another one will “fall in love” with us this year!


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