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Chris Evenhouse Michigan Monster Deer

Wednesday, April 22nd, 2015

Chris Evenhouse Buck 003Knowledge, patients, and quality deer management pays off for Chris Evenhouse.  Cris is from Three Rivers Michigan and this past deer season shot one of the highest scoring deer ever taken with a bow and arrow.  His monster buck scored 205-2/8″ green and netted 196-2/8′ final net score.

Chris and his hunting partner Paul have practiced QDM for several years and it was paying dividends in the harvesting of big bucks.  Chris has tagged 20 good mature bucks with 10 of those going over 125 inches.  That my friend is not luck but knowledge of your game and being selective in what deer you try to harvest.  It also helps to have a nice 35 acre woods surrounded by farm fields and bedding areas.

Chris and Paul used several trail camera’s to locate the “monsters” movements so they could try to pattern him.  They never entered the woods unless it was raining, and when the wind was wrong they stayed home.  Chris only hunted when the conditions were right, but on his third stand he saw his quarry.  He actually missed (high) on his first shot, but as fate would have it he got another shot, and drilled the bruiser, with the big drop tine.

Cris called his dad to let him in on the celebrating.  Chris credits his dad for his passion for the hunt, and was so happy he could join them in dragging this Michigan Monster from where he lay.

Congratulations Chris on bagging the deer of a lifetime.  It would be hard for most hunters to keep it together with a buck of this caliber standing 20-30 yards away!  Very few bowhunters have a buck in the Boone and Crockett Record Book, so Chris is in very elite company.


Michigan Moose Encounter

Tuesday, April 21st, 2015

moose #1,2,3 001moose #1,2,3 002moose #1,2,3 004Just recently read this years DNR report concerning Michigans moose population.  Seems there has been quite a drop in numbers according to the moose population studies done each year to keep check on the health of the herd.  I know these studies have room for some error, as moose have been showing up in the Eastern outreaches of Marquette for quite some time.

The area around Skandia and Beaver Grove has become quite a hotbed for moose sightings.  This is only 6-7 miles from the downtown area of the city.

We have friends that have a business on 42 South in Beaver Grove (B and G Plumbing and Heating) that recently sent me a few pictures of moose in their backyard.  Trust me this is a semi rural area, and you would not be expecting to see moose walking through your horse pasture just 100 yards from a main highway.  It appears that it’s a cow and a yearling in the pictures, and from what I can tell they look to be in pretty good health.  The Marquette area got slammed again this year with cold and snow, but moose are a hearty northern animal and take it all in stride.

Thanks Jenny, and Paula, and Nancy for the pictures.  Hope to see you all come the Fall bear season.


Fairview “Wild Turkey Capitol of Michigan” – “NOT”!

Sunday, April 19th, 2015

Fairview turkey capital 002Anyone who has been around the Mio/Fairview area over the last several decades knows that Fairview claims to be the ” Wild Turkey Capitol of Michigan.  In fact there is a roadside sign, as you enter Fairview, that makes just that claim.

I shot my first turkey in Fairview and followed that with five more birds over the next 10 years or so.  My brother Darryl and his son Derek had also done quite well hunting this turkey mecca of the north.  Then about 20 years ago the birds started disappearing.  We knew the DNR was live trapping birds and sending them downstate, but we never dreamed it would turn Fairview into a “no turkey” zone.  There had to be other factors causing such a major decline in the “Turkey Capitols” lack of turkeys!

We used to drive through downtown Fairview and see turkeys in people’s yards, the high school front lawn, and in the church parking lot.  Very rare to see a bird in the area anymore.

I just came back from around that area and asked a guy (Tim) who owns 78 acres, if he turkey hunted.  He said he used to, but there aren’t any birds anymore.  He and his wife said they had not seen a bird on their property for over 4 years.  Others have the same story!  What the heck happened?  I know one thing; I think it’s time the highway sign came down and was replanted somewhere in the southern corn belt counties.

I have a place 15 miles south of Fairview and see birds on a pretty regular basis, but not like it used to be.  I do hear a lot of “Yotes” hollering at night as I set around our campfire.  I’m sure they take out quite a few birds and their numbers seem to be on the rise.  All I know for sure is the old “Turkey Capitol” days are gone, and I don’t think there coming back!


Jacksonville Crazy-Orlando Great!

Wednesday, April 15th, 2015

Kyle's birthday and Florida 2015 065Kyle's birthday and Florida 2015 175Kyle's birthday and Florida 2015 220Kyle's birthday and Florida 2015 245Talk about crazy.  The traffic was absolutly nuts and it seemed to take forever to arrive at our destination.  At just a half mile from our hotel a woman on a bike was hit by a car and seriously injured.  The street we needed was blocked, and an alternate route had to be put into our Garmin.  Just before we pulled into our condo unit on the ocean there were three police cars and an ambulance on the beach.  When we arrived at our room there was a full scale rescue going on by the local beach life guards and the rescue squad.  We were able to watch from our balcony as crews on surfboards scanned the choppy waters.  The guy was actually found and drug to shore by a lifeguard.  He was weak and shaken but seemed alright after some time in the back of the rescue truck.  What a way to start the first day in Jacksonville.  Weather in the mid 80s and sunny.  Can,t complain about that. Onward to Orlando tomorrow.  Thanks Ed and Linda for watching the place for us.  Maybe we can bring back some of this sunshine for you so we can finally get some golf in.

Orlando was great.  Perfect weather everyday.  Six days of relaxation and fun with our family (at least some of them.)  We even took a drive to Tampa and swam in the ocean on a blistering 90 degree day.  The traffic was crazy, but we made it back in one piece to our condo.  We had some good home cooked meals and only ate out a few times.  Everyone came back to Michigan with some color and some good memories.  To bad it was so cold and windy when we pulled into our driveway.  Now if it would only start to heat up around here before we all loose our Florida tans.





Treestands on Public Lands

Monday, April 13th, 2015

2010 deer hunt 008DNR reminds hunters to remove tree stands from public land

The deadline to remove scaffolds, raised platforms, ladders, steps and any other device to assist in climbing a tree from public land was March 1. The Department of Natural Resources reminds those who have not removed any of the previous listed equipment to please do so.

Public lands are available for the use and enjoyment of everyone. It is imperative that equipment is removed by March 1 to ensure the safety of all visitors. Owners of equipment that is left on public land past the deadline are subject to a 90-day misdemeanor and a fine from $50-$500.

For those who hunt on public land, tree stands must be portable and the hunter’s name and address must be affixed in legible English that can be easily read from the ground. Scaffolds, raised platforms, ladders, steps and any other device to assist in climbing a tree cannot be placed on public lands any earlier than Sept. 1, and must be removed by March 1. A permanent raised platform or tree stand may be used for hunting on private land with the permission of the landowner. See pages 22-24 of the Hunting and Trapping Digest for more details on these equipment regulations.

For general questions, please contact your local DNR Customer Service Center.

And don’t forget no nails in the trees on public lands.  Many guys forget to put their name and address on the stand they hunt from and this could bring you a hit to your wallet that you certainly don’t want.  Also if you don’t remove your stand it’s quite possible someone else will move it for you.  Think about it!


Osceola Sticker Shock!

Thursday, April 2nd, 2015

Osceola Turkey Hunting In FloridaIn just a few short hours my wife and I will be headed to Sunny (we hope) Orlando Florida.  We are going with my oldest daughter Tara, her husband Glen, and our 10 year old grandson Kyle.  Tara and Glen have a time share, and invited us along for some R & R in the sunshine state.  My wife is now retired, and daughter Tara (school teacher) is on Spring Break.  Me I’m just an “old” retired guy looking for something to do.

I figured if we’re going to Florida during the spring turkey season, then maybe I could take a few days to hunt the rarest bird of them all.  The Osceola Turkey is by far the hardest bird to collect, in order to fulfill the “turkey grand slam!”  I didn’t want to have to drive very far away from Orlando, so I Goggled a couple outfitters within an hour and a half drive from our hotel.  I must tell you that I experience “sticker shock” when the outfitters quoted me a price for a two day hunt.  They both assured me my chance of getting a bird was almost 100%, but my success came with a price tag of over $2000 dollars.  That’s alot of money for 10 pounds of turkey meat.  That works out to $200 dollars a pound.  Needless to say I’ll have two more days to relax around the pool, and dream about what could of been, if only I lived the “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous!”  More and more it seems that hunting is becoming a wealthy mans sport.  Thank God for the money hunters have poured back into conservation, wildlife restoration, and habitat development and acquisition.  At least I can still hunt deer, bear, and turkey here in Michigan, and I don’t have to remortgage the house.

I hope there is Internet access where we are going so I can keep my blogging up.  Sunshine and 85 degrees here we come! Maybe turkey will be on the menu of one of the restraurants we go to.  I’m sure I can get it for less than two thousand dollars!